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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    Newspaper chain hires dedicated Taylor Swift reporter, still on lookout for Beyoncé hire

    The biggest newspaper chain in the US, Gannet has hired a dedicated Taylor Swift reporter.

    Bryan West is a 35-year-old reporter, who told Variety that he is a big fan of the star.

    Focusing on stars

    “I would say this position’s no different than being a sports journalist who’s a fan of the home team,” says West.

    “I just came from Phoenix, and all of the anchors there were wearing Diamondbacks gear; they want the Diamondbacks to win. I’m just a fan of Taylor and I have followed her whole career, but I also have that journalistic background: going to Northwestern, winning awards, working in newsrooms across the nation. I think that’s the fun of this job is that, yeah, you can talk Easter eggs, but it really is more of the seriousness, like the impact that she has on society and business and music.”

    In September Gannet announced that it was looking for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift reporters who will exclusively focus on the stars.

    For the Beyoncé role, which has not been filled yet, the reporter should be good at text and video and must be able to capture the record-breaking Grammy recipient's impact on society.


    The two stars are some of the most prominent and influential musicians in the world, having a dedicated journalist or reporter may help meet the high demand for information and updates about their lives and work, while also ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information provided to fans and the general public.

    Swift's Eras Tour, which has been extended to 2024, is expected to achieve the title of the highest-grossing tour in history, surpassing $1bn in sales. Meanwhile Beyoncé's Rennaissance tour has surpassed half a billion dollars in revenue.

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