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Publicis Groupe unveils Marcel; what is it and will it replace creatives?

#Newswatch: On 24 May Publicis Groupe unveiled Marcel (named after Publicis Groupe founder Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet), its AI-powered solution that will accelerate transforming the multinational from a holding company to a platform, creating the first truly borderless, frictionless enterprise workforce.
"Marcel is a journey to shift Publicis Groupe from a holding company to a platform and give creative minds the freedom to progress and thrive in this ever-changing industry," said Arthur Sadoun, chairman and CEO of the Publicis Groupe.

In June last year, Publicis Groupe announced its decision to redirect its promotional budget away from industry events and awards shows to invest in developing Marcel, to connect its 80,000 employees and completely reinvent the way the agency and industry works as a whole.

Publicis Groupe shifts spend on award shows, other events to AI initiative

Publicis Groupe's newly appointed CEO, Arthur Sadoun, has forbidden all of its agencies from participating in award shows for the next year, which means it will sit out of the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival...

By Jessica Tennant 21 Jun 2017

“Tying the development of Marcel to our one-year industry event hiatus was a controversial decision, but a necessary one. It drew a line in the sand and left no doubt that we are determined to do whatever it takes to reinvent an industry that has struggled to evolve over the past 40 years,” said Sadoun, grateful for the support and solidarity during this period, which will end in July 2018.

Following this announcement, Sadoun has faced a deluge of questions from staff and clients, perhaps the most pressing being whether or not they’ll be using Marcel to build out creative campaigns and replace creative, as reported by Campaign. In response, Sadoun said:
Our only value, true value, lies in our ability to bring emotion to justify price. The creativity we have in us is the only thing that will protect us. So, of course, AI won't replace creative. But I do feel, and I think that, AI and technology can make creative better. Way better.
Find out more about Marcel here.

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