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Building more sustainable businesses in a post-Covid world

Over recent months the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that as humans we are all connected...

By Robin Fisher 1 day ago

Get media exposure for your small business with Ad Crashers

The Ad Crashers initiative is focused on giving much-needed marketing support to the small businesses that need it most...

7 Jul 2020

67 Logos Designathon to assist small businesses

Despite, or perhaps because of, the current crisis, CWDi has announced that the company will once again host the annual 67 Logos, but this year the initiative is a virtual one...

3 Jul 2020

7 essential tips for startups

Covid-19 has kick-started many of us into thinking about setting up our own businesses. Whether you've been retrenched, taken a salary cut, or have simply realised that life's short and it's time to reach for that long-postponed dream...

2 Jul 2020

Volkswagen introduces 'The Lionesses Den'

As part of its partnership with Lionesses of Africa, the all-female business network in Africa, Volkswagen has introduced 'The Lionesses Den' and is calling on female-owned businesses in South Africa to share a two-minute pitch...

1 Jul 2020

Youth Month highlights entrepreneurial and leadership skills

June paid tribute to the youth of South Africa and is considered a time that we focus on the importance of empowering our youth to develop the leaders of tomorrow...

1 Jul 2020

Commercial success and empathy can work together

Design that incorporates empathy and compassion has been gaining momentum for a number of years, with the focus of design increasingly shifting towards solving social issues...

30 Jun 2020

#BizUnity: Small businesses doing big things during lockdown

South Africa is into the third month of lockdown and many entrepreneurs still don't know if they will be able to reopen their businesses when the lockdown is over. However, this hasn't stopped them from opening their hearts and wallets to those in need.

By Terrena Rathanlall 30 Jun 2020

[REPORT]: The impact of the Section 12J incentive on SA's economy

The Section 12J Association of South Africa has released a report outlining the details the impact which the Section 12J incentive has had on the SA economy...

29 Jun 2020

Raising the tech ceiling

The recent sale of 51% of Dynamic Talent to Dynamic Technologies has placed a spotlight on the importance of nurturing young and diverse female leaders and entrepreneurs in South Africa's promising and burgeoning technology industry...

26 Jun 2020

Why global investors should invest in Africa's tech startups

It's a well-known fact that the youth are the primary consumers of technology. A fact that puts Africa, with its literally hundreds of millions of young people, firmly on the map as a significant global launchpad for technology startups.

By Kashira Naidoo & Zach George 26 Jun 2020

#YouthMonth: Inclusivity is the way to a successful future

June is Youth Month in South Africa and this year, Pride Factor Academy kickstarted the conversation with Bizcommunity, by launching the 'Have Your Say' campaign...

25 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: Young entrepreneur aims to help SMEs

Founded on the belief that South Africa is the gateway to Africa, Jean-Luc Pugin decided to launch Eikon-Design during the nationwide lockdown...

By Evan-Lee Courie 24 Jun 2020

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