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The Innovator Trust making a difference, one young entrepreneur at a time

With Youth Month concluded, it is not without adversity for South African youth who are battling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a waning economy and an alarming youth unemployment rate...

Issued by The Innovator Trust 23 Jul 2021

Wunderman Thompson launches Fund Femme

Wunderman Thompson has detailed the launch of its new database, Fund Femme...

21 Jul 2021

A chatbot won't solve all your problems

We've got bots to the left of us, intelligent assistants to the right, and here we are - stuck in the middle with a bold statement: A chatbot won't solve all your problems...

Issued by Praekelt 19 Jul 2021

Flow Communications to join Stanford Seed Transformation Programme

Flow Communications has been accepted to join the Stanford Seed Transformation Programme, an initiative of the Stanford Graduate School of Business...

16 Jul 2021

Hollard's Big Ads for Small Business Campaign shows impact

Results for Hollard's Big Ads for Small Business Campaign are coming in and it's good news all round - especially for the small businesses...

9 Jul 2021

Top tips for e-commerce business success

Encouraging event attendees to capitalise on the e-commerce growth trajectory, Ecommerce Challenge speakers shared their insights, lessons and tips for online and entrepreneurship success...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 6 Jul 2021

Facebook Wi-Fi now in South Africa

Facebook Wi-Fi has landed on South African shores and allows you to reach more people and grow your business in a few simple steps...

By Lesley-Ann Rozanski 6 Jul 2021

The impact of PoPIA on advertising and communications

The day has come when we must comply or face the consequences. The additions to the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) came into effect on 1 July 2021 and aim to protect companies against data breach and the misuse of personal information...

By Musa Kalenga 5 Jul 2021

If YouTube isn't in your marketing plan, you're missing out!

YouTube hosted a festival that focused on showing marketers and advertisers what can be achieved through using YouTube...

By Emily Stander 5 Jul 2021

5 things to consider when naming a brand

While conducting brand strategy work in Southeast Asia presented difficulties, my biggest challenge was creating new company and product names that worked well across such a diverse set of cultures and languages...

By Rob Meyerson 2 Jul 2021

Why Yoco rebranded

Yoco, an African technology company that builds tools and services to help small businesses get paid, run their business better, and grow, has undergone a rebrand. We find out why...

By Evan-Lee Courie 25 Jun 2021

Applications open for 2021 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

The US Embassy in South Africa and AWIEF are once again partnering to implement the 2021 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) South Africa programme...

24 Jun 2021

#BehindtheMask: Nedbank IMC speaker Mike Sharman

Mike Sharman is a serial entrepreneur, perhaps best known as the founder of Retroviral, which has made more brands go viral globally than any other agency in Africa. He is a speaker at this year's Nedbank IMC...

By Jessica Tennant 23 Jun 2021

When - and how - to pivot your business model

We asked Heavy Chef's Fred Roed to explain when - and how - to pivot your business model. Here's what he had to say...

Issued by xneelo 22 Jun 2021

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