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Safety tips for back to work driving

As South Africa battles a second wave of the coronavirus and returns to level three lockdown, back to work driving is going to be somewhat different from years.

3 days ago

How to deal with reckless drivers this festive season

One thing you can be sure to encounter as you drive to your destination for the festive season is reckless drivers...

22 Dec 2020

Motorists urged to exercise caution

The Gauteng Traffic Police has called on motorists to be responsible and exercise caution on the roads as traffic volumes are expected to increase this weekend...

18 Dec 2020

Under fire: Step up trucking safety on the roads

Not only is increased demand post hard lockdown putting pressure on operators, but border delays are impacting timelines. Growing crime and violence are also putting drivers, vehicles and cargo at risk...

By Jason Mellow 17 Dec 2020

Avoid distracted driving this festive season

Whether it is a lack of understanding or appreciation of the danger, each driver needs to make an effort to reduce the prevalence of distracted driving...

17 Dec 2020

Travellers to carefully plan and prepare their summer holiday road trips

At the end of an unprecedented year, it is clear that the disruption of our daily lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

15 Dec 2020

Why are we resorting to old methods of testing sobriety when there is safe technology at our disposal?

Current, progressive thinking about the indispensable need to use alcohol breathalysers for law enforcement has come up with better solutions than "standing on one leg" or "walking on a straight line" as suggested by some leaders of law enforcement in South Africa...

By Angus MacArthur 15 Dec 2020

Keeping SA safe on the roads

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula is expected to sign a ground-breaking partnership with alcoholic beverage producer Distell, that will further intensify road safety efforts...

14 Dec 2020

Uniting for safer roads: Kia Motors and Motus partners with Bakwena for festive road safety campaign

Kia Motors South Africa, in partnership with Motus Corporation (Motus), has partnered with Bakwena N1N4. The partnership, which started with Motus in 2012, ensures visible policing during peak holiday seasons...

Issued by Kia Motors South Africa 10 Dec 2020

Uber, local NGO to launch mandatory safety education for driver-partners

Uber has partnered with Rainn, and Nisaa Institute for Women's Development, to raise awareness of gender, power dynamics, and sexual harassment among driver-partners and riders by launching safety education videos. This will be mandatory for driver-partners.

26 Nov 2020

Why do you need to hire a qualified auto accident lawyer?

If you find yourself unfortunately involved in an auto accident, it can be quite a challenge to know how to handle the accident not only in the moment but well after the fact...

By Craig Lebrau, Issued by Lebrau Press 26 Nov 2020

GM recalls 7 million bakkies, SUVs worldwide due to airbag manufacturing fault

General Motors is recalling 7 million bakkies and SUVs worldwide with airbags that were made by the same Japanese manufacturer whose airbags are linked to at least 17 deaths in the United States...

24 Nov 2020

New crime stats show huge increase in truck hijacking

Police minister Bheki Cele says there was a 1.6% decrease, or 79 less, in cases of carjacking. However, there was a 31.7% increase in truck hijacking...

19 Nov 2020

Changing driver behaviour through telematics, training

One way in which telematics data can prove invaluable is in changing bad driver behaviour that would ordinarily cost companies thousands in wasted expenses...

18 Nov 2020

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