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Mathematics underpins everything we know and can know about the world
Adobe Stock enabling a new generation of Creativity through the power of AI
Is InsurTech ensuring the continued recovery of SA's short-term insurance industry?
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Nominations now open for 2021/2 Marketing Achievement Awards' Rising Star and Marketer of the Year
Transform customer experience with AI-powered intelligent decision-making
Cybereason 2022 trends and predictions
Defining what's ethical in artificial intelligence needs input from Africans
A practical guide to HR's digital transformation
Digital transformation 2021, the year that was
Digitalisation key to improving SMEs chances of success
The self-driving trolley problem: how will future AI systems make the most ethical choices for all of us?
Afrika Tikkun, Naspers Labs partner to position youngsters for the digital economy
Keeping pace with technology in the workplace - essential for budding professionals
South African retailers' readiness for the fourth industrial revolution
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Reduce risk by making your business more secure
Nestlé pilots industry-first tech to cut emissions
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A woman works with a computer at the Technology trade show VivaTech in France, Paris, on 17 June 2021. Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas 
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SAPPMA hosts 2021 Annual General Meeting
Private sector involvement is key for sustainable cities and towns
Maximising data driven business growth: GfK launches AI-supported intelligence platform "gfknewron" in South Africa
What happens when the bot does not report for duty?
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3 steps to ransomware risk mitigation
Clinical trials and information technology. The impact of digital technology on science.
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Top tips for businesses on how to prepare for the holiday season
Top tips for businesses on how to prepare for the holiday season

Between November and December, online buyers are expected to spend $1.2trn worldwide. While this is encouraging news for brands and businesses, consumers will pay a higher price...

26 Oct 2021

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Source: ©supplied. Marko Reis, regional manager, Infobip East Africa
Source: ©Supplied by agency. Wits Mining Institute’s DigiMine leverages a growing range of on-site facilities, with multidisciplinary research programmes
Tackling energy security in SA - key approaches to meeting present, future demand
Source: ©supplied. The Moscow Centre for Diagnostics and Telemedicine
Source: ©supplied Ronald Richman, Chief Actuary at Old Mutual Insure
Digicall and Tautona in partnership to revolutionise claims automation solutions
Three key considerations for a great business communications platform - Stability, functionality and innovation
Measuring the value of social media
Beyond measure
The increasing trend of AI in advertising/marketing lead generation
Climate Finance Accelerator South Africa: First cohort of projects announced
Maximise your training spend - Develop leaders who lead from the front!
A digital world without cookies
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7 tech companies to be showcased to potential investors at summit
Customer experience has undergone a major shift in past 20 years
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