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Africa Movie Academy Award 2011 nomination

AFDA reaches Nigeria, with a short film nomination. Bomlambo was nominated in the Best Short Film category of the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2011 edition, which takes place in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, on the 27th March 2011.
Bomlambo tells a story of Nobuntu, a young Xhosa woman whom has a prophetic dream. She finds a young boy, Siphelele, who is washed up on the shore and believes that he is a gift from the Abantu Bomlambo. Siphelele is forced to fight for his new home, and a new sense of belonging.

Africa Movie Academy Awards 2011
AMAA is thus conceptualised as an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in African movie. It is about class and style, blitz, glitz and razzmatazz. It is the biggest gathering of movie makers across the African continent and the diaspora. It is to show to the world that the rating of Nollywood (Nigeria) as the third largest producers of movie is real.

1. To promote African Actors, Actresses, Producers and their works internationally.
2. To unite Africa through acts.
3. To produce a world-class movie awards.

1. The masses throughout the African continent.
2. The Media and primarily television.
3. Movie viewers in other parts of the world outside the African continent.
4. The African Movie Producers, Actors and Actresses themselves.


AFDA is a registered private higher education institution offering accredited degree and higher certificate programmes for the creative economy. AFDA is also a member of CILECT, an international association for over 180 top film and television institutions worldwide.



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