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Fort opens Cape Town office

Fort has announced that it will be opening new offices in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the city where the company was founded in 2006 by Shukri Toefy and Amr Singh. Until now, a customer base it has remotely serviced since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Fort opens Cape Town office

Toefy said, “Opening up offices in Cape Town has always been a part of our medium-term plan, particularly with our rise in global relevance and partnerships. Cape Town is a world-class filmmaking destination and it’s incumbent on us to have a real presence in one of the film capitals of the world.”

While Fort’s head office and main post-production facility will remain in Johannesburg, the company is excited to once again have a permanent presence on the ground in Cape Town.

Jade Mollet, digital content producer at Fort’s Cape Town office, said, “The decision to open new offices in Cape Town is exciting. Until recently, we worked remotely with our Cape Town clients. Having a permanent home base means we can work more closely with our clients, deliver our services more intimately and give them the full Fort experience.”

A Cape Town office will not only allow Fort to deliver digital content production services directly to Cape Town-based clients, but will provide these clients with access to Fort’s roster of directors.

Craig February, the executive producer at Fort, said, “I’m truly excited about the prospect of being able to offer our Cape Town clients access to our directing talent, as well as to be able to deliver a world-class digital content production service through a team of on-the-ground content creators.”

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