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What type of challenger are you?

Who are you and what business are you going to be in 2020? Is next year your time to be a challenger?

In these tough times you have to think and play differently. Are you and your business clear about how you’re going to take on 2020? Do you have a clear intent and an actionable plan? Who do you stand with when it comes to resetting the agenda?

Overthrow II, a new book by eatbigfish and PHD Worldwide, will help you define your intent precisely.

Take the Overthrow II quiz to find out your personal or business challenger type. It can help you identify what’s important to you in the way you work, the kind of organisation that would value your skills, and the strategies and media behaviours your challenger tribe rallies behind.

Are you ready? Find out what challenger type you or your business is. Take the quiz.

Live more challenger!

Overthrow II, by eatbigfish & PHD Worldwide, explores 10 of the most powerful strategies and mindsets used by today’s challengers to disrupt their markets. Get your copy at

eatbigfish. is a strategic brand consultancy whose unique focus is challenger thinking and behaviour. Our expertise is grounded in The Challenger Project - our study of how Challenger Brands succeed by doing more with less.

We act as catalysts rather than consultants, and through our collaborative approach we provide inspiration and frameworks which enable ‘would be’ challengers to deliver breakthrough solutions for their teams and brand.

If you would like to speak to someone please call or email our local representative for Africa Middle East: Delta Victor Bravo (Pty) Ltd

Contact David Blyth –
Telephone: +27 71 483 8514

eatbigfish's press office

eatbigfish We're obsessed with challenger brands. They shake things up. They change the rules. They get famous.
And they do it with passion and smarts, not big budgets or easy answers.