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Challenger Type - The Next Generation
Challenger Type - The Next GenerationArticle

Naked is a new generation of car and home insurance that challenges the fundamental model and accepted convention in short-term insurance that expounds 'company profit is dependent on claims'...

Issued by eatbigfish 25 Mar 2020

Challenger to Watch: Rain
Challenger to Watch: RainArticle

Driven by making data more affordable and transparent for more South Africans, Rain offers no bundles, no contracts, no limits and the clincher for many - no expiry dates...

Issued by eatbigfish 7 Feb 2020

What type of challenger are you?
What type of challenger are you?Article

Who are you and what business are you going to be in 2020? Is next year your time to be a challenger?..

Issued by eatbigfish 27 Nov 2019

10 types of challenger brand strategy
10 types of challenger brand strategyArticle

A challenger is not a brand that challenges somebody, but a brand that challenges something. Very few explicitly take on another brand in their category, but all of them are challenging something they feel needs to change...

Issued by eatbigfish 11 Nov 2019

6 misconceptions about challenger brands
6 misconceptions about challenger brandsArticle

Small, scrappy underdogs, right? Disruptors? Challengers? Aren't they the same thing? With "challenger brand" returning 120 million results from Google this morning, it's no surprise that some myths and misunderstandings surround the topic...

Issued by eatbigfish 1 Nov 2019

Intelligent naivety: The vitality of inexperience
Intelligent naivety: The vitality of inexperienceArticle

In our previous article, 'What is a challenger brand?', we described the Challenger Strategic Approach and the Eight Credos of successful challenger behaviour...

Issued by eatbigfish 25 Oct 2019

What is a challenger brand?
What is a challenger brand?Article

Reversing the food chain is never easy. This is especially true on the African continent where many categories are dominated by large legacy businesses...

Issued by eatbigfish 18 Oct 2019

Adam Morgan. (Image extracted from
Of boats, friendship and spinesArticle

Adam Morgan, founder of eatbigfish and the Challenger Project, popularised the phrase 'Challenger Brand'...

Danette Breitenbach 12 Mar 2014

Abey Mokgwatsane
Intelligent naivetyBlog post

I bumped into a group of post-grad students while I was at Vega last week. The brief interaction left me feeling really upbeat and reminded me of “intelligent naivety”, a term that I picked up in a book by Adam Morgan, titled Eating the Big Fish.

Abey Mokgwatsane 7 Jun 2011

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