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Khaya Sitholw on the ANC not losing power.

Khaya Sitholw on the ANC not losing power.

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    Xperien switches to more sustainable packaging

    Over the past year, Xperien managed to halve its plastic usage but still utilised an average of 90,41kg of plastic wrap per month and 0,72 tons over the period. In an effort to become more sustainable, the firm recently switched from wrapping palletised stock to using 'tie-down straps' to eliminate the use of plastic wrap in its warehouse.
    Xperien CEO Wale Arewa
    Xperien CEO Wale Arewa

    "This has saved Xperien from using a huge amount of plastic because each time we needed to access stored computers, we had to discard the existing pallet wrap and then rewrap the pallet," explains Xperien CEO Wale Arewa.

    United Nations Global Compact

    In 2020, Xperien signed up to the United Nations Global Compact - a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles, to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation.

    "We are actively working to reduce our plastic use by changing our packaging protocols. The plastic, paper and cardboard that we use for packaging is recyclable and does not contain unrecyclable resins or heavy metals," says Arewa.

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