Corporate learning platform to change workplace learning

A new learning and development platform has landed, and it's set to revolutionise workplace learning in South Africa and move the country's workforce to another level.
Since balancing a jam-packed personal and professional schedule has its challenges, employees find it difficult to commit to upskilling and development, especially when it involves hours of staring into a textbook and time-consuming note-taking. Therefore, Richard Rayne, CEO of iLearn – a leading corporate learning solutions provider - says it’s imperative that learning fits into an individual’s lifestyle and that Learning Management Systems (LMS) keep up with the demands of the 21st-century learner.

“People lead increasingly busy lives, but the need to upskill and develop ourselves remains. Finding innovative ways to do this and still do what needs to be done at home is necessary,” Rayne says.

To get this right, he says iLearn partnered with Netex Learning – a European-based digital learning solutions company - to bring learningPlay to South Africa. learningPlay is a gamified learning experience platform designed to engage and empower learners for next-generation workplace learning.

“We have designed a learning platform which takes the learner and their lifestyles into consideration. It seeks to enrich the learner’s learning experience, improve his/her knowledge and skills set and boost overall retention in the business. learningPlay has completely transformed the way learners engage with learning material,” says Mike Byrne, Global Channel Director of Netex Learning.
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He explains that learningPlay is a facilitator-based platform, rather than instructor-based, it helps learners want to learn and facilitates them on their learning journey through interactive, visually stimulating content like videos, images, infographics and presentations. Further, Byrne says it encapsulates the essence of agile learning – a modern way of learning that presents learning content in short bursts, keeps learners intrigued and promotes a more flexible, interactive learning experience.

It promotes continual learning, underpinned by the following principles:
  • Gamification
  • Microlearning
  • Social learning
  • Spaced learning

    learningPlay is the first of its kind in South Africa and iLearn is its official partner.

    “We are excited to introduce this revolutionary way of learning to South African companies. The biggest challenge with corporate learning is finding the time. learningPlay solves this setback; it makes learning enjoyable and accessible so that you can do it on your terms, when and where you want,” says Rayne.

    Rayne says businesses need to get on board with digital learning platforms that are easily incorporated into their employees’ lives in order for learning to be convenient, rather than a chore.
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