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Solving social challenges in townships

Until recently, no other outdoor advertising media business model has benefitted the consumer and their community directly such as community-centric mural outdoor advertising. After several years of challenges and literal fine crafting of this sector it is now time for brands to effectively build and improve the quality of the lives of the people in the communities they communicate to, and it couldn't be easier.

People-focused business model: ROI vs RoI

Much more than advertising, this is a business model that simultaneously addresses social issues affecting the greater number of communities in South Africa. Donations and 'Mandela Days' are annual staple solutions for giving back to communities. However, global trends have shifted from giving a fish a day to teaching communities how to build fishing rods.

Mural outdoor advertising is one such solution. A solution that converts marketing budget into CSI budget all the while lowering ad spend yet increasing reach. Mural sites are much cheaper per square meter and in production compared to traditional billboards. This is excellent return on investment (ROI) for clients looking for far-reaching solutions on a cost effective budget.

Solving social challenges in townships

Media buyers and clients don't have to do anything extraordinary to patronise this medium while they are seamlessly integrating business as usual with community-focused returns. This is RoI, return of investment - the community's investment in the brands they buy.

But how?

Just simply buy outdoor as usual. The difference is, in the case of mural advertising, your rand is directly deposited into the community, literally.

Homeowners become media owners from whom a site is rented and paid for. The artists are incredibly talented young artists who already face a steeper climb towards employment as there are near zero opportunities for artisans in general, much less painters, in the townships.

Authentic Creatives Outdoor Platform's company strategy encourages and assists select talented young artisans to register their own companies as a prerequisite. This alone educates, develops and creates entrepreneurs out of young people. Rather than employ them, they become partners.

Solving social challenges in townships

Depending on the area desired by a client there is an opportunity develop a bespoke CSI aligned advertising solution that could result in the refurbishment of an old public area to building a protective wall for a civic facility.

But paint quality is not the same as printing...

Authentic Creatives Outdoor Platform's Photorealism technique achieves the highest definition of detail possible. Above that, humans have a natural disposition to be drawn to the aesthetic qualities of artwork. In an environment where there is clutter from all kinds of flat, digital and printed advertising, part of the special element of Photorealism is the intrigue it draws from anyone who looks at the advert and notices that it is, in fact, hand crafted.

And vandalism?

This is an archaic perception about townships. Communities are aware of the positive impact various community upgrades delivered by private or public sector. From branded bus shelters to revamping and enlivening informal trading stalls at corners in many communities, the property is respected because it works for the community. In a rare case of vandalism, the structure is replaced and artwork re-installed at no cost to the client.

The law

The artwork is often done on private property with no need for any additional structure augmentations. If it is on public property council approval is first on the list before any implementation. Most importantly, it is our responsibility in the sector to be strictly compliant to ARA and ASA regulations regarding advertising that involves alcohol or any relevant regulation.

In the past 10 years there has not been a single case of such transgressions involving a wall mural in a township.

The globe is making monumental strides in engaging and collaborating with consumers to create products that benefit people beyond brand promise. It is pivotal that Africa becomes the leading purveyor of Ubuntu through social-entrepreneurship and practical and measurable CSI initiatives that develop communities into self-sustained economies that create employment for its youth.

About Banele Rewo

'Nomayini - The Mentality You Need Before You Start Any Business' is a business guide book based on township economy insights written for youth in the Townships. Banele Rewo - Entrepreneur, Author, Executive Producer and Founder of We Are Coming For Everything a social development company. CEO Raw Afrika Resources; a content producing agency and studio. Find entrepreneurial and substance abuse education on . az.oc.gnihtyreverofgnimoceraew@elenab, Twitter @BaneleRewo

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