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Banele Rewo
[Marketing & Media] "How to train your brain to be entrepreneurial" | #CreativeBiz Banele Rewo (@Baniroquai) via @Biz_Radio
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Banele Rewo
[Lifestyle & Entertainment] these campaigns were done with minimal budget, no, infact no budget. They are great though.
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Banele Rewo
[Marketing & Media] Podcast "Brands Behaving Badly on Social Media" Heard on the Daily Biz – Monday 28 May 2012 mentioned 8ta, Superga, Can Do, FNB.
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Banele Rewo
I will tell you though straight the ADVERTISING industry is racist.The only blacks at the dinner party avoid us like a plague,call us stupid, and a nuisance.One day it will all make sense.
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[Marketing & Media] The Rise and Rise of SKYY VODKA – A view from Main Market Activations | khendamarketingsolutions
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Let's celebrate brands that insult Africans

When it comes to Africa, Africans and the African market everything marketing related should be implemented with a blanket approach...

By Banele Rewo 13 Nov 2015

Talking about youth marketing, is not being about the youth

After all the conferences, seminars and talks have been attended, marketing and brand managers have drawn up graphs and scrutinised the numbers on the next sure fire formula to sell to the youth, there is one glaring deficit: Talking about it is not being about it...

By Banele Rewo 8 Jun 2015

Solving social challenges in townships

Until recently, no other outdoor advertising media business model has benefitted the consumer and their community directly such as community-centric mural outdoor advertising.

By Banele Rewo 10 Apr 2014

How entrepreneurs can protect their business ideas

You are probably in pursuit of that first client, an investor, funding from an institution or seeking assistance with professional skills. In that midst, don't lose your most valuable asset, the business in your idea.

By Banele Rewo 30 Oct 2013

How entrepreneurs can compete with large companies

We usually think that bigger is better, but there are advantages to being small, be it a marketing agency, service provider or whatever - which is how every entrepreneur starts out.

By Banele Rewo 8 Oct 2013

Out of creative ideas?

Go ahead and deride Zuma but there is that other aspect of ridiculing President Zuma, it's called the target market. Comedians have said before, Zuma is the fountain of all things guaranteed to make their audiences laugh but to brands it may be another story.

By Banele Rewo 28 Nov 2012

Five SA brands Charles Darwin would have loved

To add "innovation" in the company's mission and vision statement and not in the mind of the consumer should be a criminal offence. It is indisputable that there is an influx of new brands entering the market probably daily and new ideas are transforming the consumers in just as many days. Although this gives the consumer a universal view of the world, it is this global outlook that gives flat-footed brands a headache and innovative brands an edge. (video)

By Banele Rewo 2 Nov 2012

Brands behaving badly on social media

If you believe that social media enables brands to build relationships with consumers you are dead wrong. The technology merely provides a platform to connect the two parties then everything else goes back to basic psychology, group dynamics and social science.

By Banele Rewo 7 Jun 2012

The creative industry needs change

The 'creative industry needs change, but where are the creatives?' excuse should be retired. The rhetoric continues to stagger while actions are stagnant. (video)

By Banele Rewo 4 May 2012

[2012 trends] The cheese has moved for brands and youth

From a marketer's perspective, we miss the mark from the moment we fail to understand the uniqueness of the South African youth market. The cheese keeps moving while we are wielding text books and strategies from 1996, 2010 or even September 2011, which may be off the mark and off the streets by June 2012.

By Banele Rewo 18 Jan 2012

A double tot for a double dip recession

Scotch whisky makers Grant's may have the perfect blend in their marketing strategy to weather any sluggish economic climate. The euro debt is not easing and the markets are fragile. With rumours abound everywhere of an impending double dip recession it is expected that brands will hall advertising budget to the chopping block without hesitation.

By Banele Rewo 28 Sep 2011

Hansa takes influencers and early adopters seriously

One would expect a huge brand like Hansa Pilsner to dismiss recommendations from the ground and sit pretty well on its laurels. They probably have intensely educated marketing experts in their offices studying markets and executing "solutions" around the clock...

By Banele Rewo 1 Jul 2011

Hansa has finally gotten my attention

But I still can't bring myself to buy Hansa... [video]

By Banele Rewo 15 Jun 2011

An open letter to British American Tobacco

In the advent of a series of open letters going around lately, especially regarding racism, I also have decided to use this opportunity to write to British American Tobacco while the social media hashtags on racism are still hot.

By Banele Rewo 22 Mar 2011

How to get a job in the media industry

Young talented graduates find it to be a near impossible undertaking breaking into the media, advertising and communications industry. But, before we start blaming several factors that mainly put the blame squarely on the industry, let's first look at how and where the young-and-upcoming go wrong when applying a job.

By Banele Rewo 1 Dec 2010

Mismatched marketing

There is a trend practiced by marketers, advertisers and promoters in black and coloured locations, which are so very complex and vibrant that, when conjuring up campaigns for products, marketers and promoters need to tailor their approaches to suit the target. Photocopying marketing strategies will only result in people only interested in whatever free stuff given out. Needless to say, that particular campaign will not succeed in winning over the target market from the competition.

By Banele Rewo 22 Aug 2008

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