Bata South Africa hosts Women's Day Breakfast

Bata South Africa hosted their first Women's Day Breakfast on Thursday, 8 August 2019, to commemorate Women's Day which is celebrated on 9 August in South Africa.
National Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 9 August. It is the anniversary of the great women’s march of 1956. On that day, approximately 20,000 women marched to the Union Buildings to protest the carrying of pass books by black women in urban areas.

While enjoying a scrumptiously delicious breakfast, the ladies were afforded the opportunity to interact with each other and to celebrate the strength of women. The Bata Women’s Day Breakfast served as the ideal platform to inspire women across the various departments at Bata who were empowered through guest speakers sharing their personal experiences.

“Women are doing amazing things in the world,” says Swastika Juggernath, Bata South Africa Marketing Manager. “All women are warriors and should support and encourage each other whenever and wherever they can,” added Juggernath.

The participation of women in the economy and workplace is slowly being recognised for what it is – sound business sense. At Bata South Africa, it is important to see women reaching their best potential and making their mark not only within the industry but also within their personal lives.

The event featured the following dynamic speakers:
  • Jaleen Fuller: Mrs South Africa semi-finalist
    Jaleen is a Mrs South Africa semi-finalist who was sponsored by Bata. She is a successful business women and proud mother of two boys. Jaleen addressed the women on what it means to be a woman, that it is important to inspire each other and to walk tall with confidence.

  • Prathiksha Naidu: Founder of Hot Yoga Durban
    Prathiksha is life coach and yogi who owns Hot Yoga Durban. Prathiksha addressed the ladies on the importance of sensing your body, respectfully exploring boundaries and loving challenging the mind.

  • National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS)
    NHLS is the largest diagnostic pathology service in South Africa. Members from the NHLS addressed the ladies on the different types of cancer that are most relevant to females. The women were educated on early detection, prevention and treatment.

  • Ursula Mansur: Bata South Africa Warehouse manager
    She has been with the team three years and three months now. Ursula runs the entire warehouse in Hammersdale and excels in this male-dominated role.
The breakfast was hosted at the Bata South Africa Head Office in Pinetown and was organised by the marketing department and Assistant Marketing Manager Rox-Ann Govender served as the MC.

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