Advanced analytics: the key to the customer

E-commerce continues to grow exponentially and companies in the business to consumer (B2C) environment need to develop seamless customer experience to remain competitive and relevant. Consumers are fickle, if something doesn't work for them, they take their credit card and they move on. It has become essential for businesses to enable communication across various channels as well as to provide integrated services across mobile and e-commerce platforms, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Saurabh Kumar
We spoke to Saurabh Kumar, managing Director at In2IT Technologies South Africa about how effectively integrating disparate systems and leveraging advanced analytics to improve communication and customer experience, can benefit the B2C business.

BizcommunityWhat is the biggest challenge businesses face in creating a seamless experience across multiple channels?

From the technology point of view the biggest challenge is to ensure that a person addressing customer requirements at any channel has the necessary customer info available. So, customer master data management across the organisation, availability of systems and technology to implement requests at any channel and ability give feedback to the clients instantaneously are key challenges.

BizcommunityWhat are the greater benefits of deploying advanced analytics? What do businesses stand to gain?

Personalisation of service delivery is key for retaining clients. Advanced analytics ensures that business gain enough insight about the customers and able to produce customized input to the,

BizcommunityTo what extent is the modern customer/consumer’s demand for online interaction and services driving the uptake of advanced analytics and integrated systems?

Online interaction is on exponential increase and it is a big driver for advanced analytics. A consumer expects businesses to know intrinsic details and information about the behaviour pattern. They also expect quick delivery of requests. All these need an integrated system in the back-end.

BizcommunityHow will advanced analytics change businesses in how they go about developing services and products?

Businesses should be able to analyse client feedback either received directly or indirectly and should have integrated systems in place to change as per the feedback. This is a big shift in how businesses would develop services and products going forward.

BizcommunityWhat is needed for businesses who do not yet have the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to start integrating systems? What are their options, where can they acquire assistance?

There are plenty of Cloud options available for businesses. Such as various pay as you go social media analytics platforms that are well suited for small businesses.

BizcommunityAny last words of wisdom or advice for businesses who are starting down this path?

Define key business needs first. Thereafter align IT leadership to the business needs and then pursue this path.
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