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    Idols III nets best audience ratings

    The phenomenon of the local Idols series just keeps going, with the third series proving even more popular then the first two in some instances, according to Transmit research released this week by Oracle Airtime Sales.
    According to the results, the Idols III Sunday show is averaging 11.5 ARs, a 30% share of the high-income audience and 369 796 viewers. On average, the Idols III Monday results show is pulling 5.5 ARs and a 14% share of the high-income audience, which translates into 177 616 viewers.

    In terms of audience ratings of the M-Net Sunday shows for all the Idols series up to Episode 11 and measured against an audience of Adults Income R8 000+ the average ARs up to episode emerged as follows:
    Idols I (2002): 11.6
    Idols II (2003): 9.4
    Idols III (2005): 11.5

    The average viewership figures for all the Idols series up to Episode 11 and against the same audience emerged as follows:
    Idols I: 301,716
    Idols II: 290,554
    Idols III: 369,796

    The research indicates that all three series of Idols have achieved a consistently higher audience share on M-Net, than other reality shows, while Idols III is the best performing reality show on M-Net since January 2004.

    Ad spend has also been consistently high across all three series, with spend on the first one being just slightly higher. Repeat advertisers such as Outsurance, who took a chance on the first series, are now reaping the benefit of aligning themselves to such a successful show.

    New advertiser, Truworths, says they recognised the Idols show as the perfect public forum to promote their brand - Idols being a trendy, fashionable environment with a loyal following.

    Truworths' Kayleen Ashby says the reality television angle provided them with an opportunity to suitably dress real, unique people with their various brands, which brought about exposure across the brand board, including Truworths Man: "Client service received numerous telephonic requests for items worn by the Idols. We have also received an overwhelming positive response about our involvement from the media, the public and key players in the clothing industry and can safely say that our decision to be the official fashion sponsor for Idols III has been a wise and viable one."

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