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PNA and Breadline Africa kick off Funky Socks Day 2023

South Africa's leading stationery and art materials retailer PNA is once again supporting the 2023 Funky Socks Day campaign, in collaboration with non-profit organisation (NPO) Breadline Africa in a combined bid to make a positive impact on early child development and improve schools in vulnerable communities across the country.
PNA and Breadline Africa kick off Funky Socks Day 2023

The Funky Socks Day campaign is hoping you will help make a difference – and encourage your friends and family to join in! Buy a Funky Socks Day sticker for just R10 at any PNA store nationwide and you’ll support fundraising for education. Then, rock your funky socks on Friday 8 September 2023 and show your commitment to building a brighter future for children in need.

Says Chantelle Fritz, PNA marketing manager: "Our primary purpose is to build safe Early Childhood Development Centres throughout South Africa, giving every child the opportunity to start life purposefully and positively. It is our goal to upgrade existing schools and construct new ones to provide quality education for children aged one to six years old. Funky Socks Day holds a special significance as the campaign is launched around Mandela Day, which falls on 18th July – a day symbolising real and practical change."

PNA and Breadline Africa kick off Funky Socks Day 2023

Here’s what your stickers will do...

PNA and Breadline Africa are intensifying efforts this year by undertaking the construction of additional infrastructure to complete Lusemanzi Educare Centre established in 1997 in Orange Farm, Gauteng. Currently operating out of insufficient classroom space and only two toilets for its 200 learners, Lusemanzi urgently requires functional buildings and extra amenities.

The estimated cost of constructing the additional infrastructure, including ablutions, amounts to R1.5m. “This means we must sell just 150,000 stickers to ensure the little ones have a safe, warm facility to learn and grow in,” says Fritz. “Imagine all those funky socks on show at school, university and work on 8 September!”

Breadline Africa has partnered with PNA for the Funky Socks Day initiative for the past two years, says Marion Wagner, director Breadline Africa. “By purchasing Funky Socks Day stickers, South Africans have made valuable contributions to the campaign, funding the building and refurbishment of ECD centres in vulnerable communities.

“So far, the PNA-Breadline Africa collaboration on the Funky Socks Day campaign has successfully raised funds to rebuild five schools throughout South Africa. Lusemanzi Educare, a school registered in 1997 has, over the years, suffered both an arson attack and severe storm damage. But despite these challenges, principal Lorato Duma continues to run a successful centre, and is continuously improving the environment for her learners.

Funky Socks Day symbolises hope and progress for recipient schools. The campaign culminates in the handover of improved classrooms and amenities, providing a better learning environment for children, Wagner notes: “To date, we have provided more than 1,000 converted shipping containers and prefabricated facilities to resource-poor communities across the country and our impact extends to more than 250,000 children.

“We believe every child has the capacity to do something amazing with their life. When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities are opened up to enable them to choose a path for their own future,” she says. “None of this would be possible without the support of our donors, one of whom is South African company, PNA, which has generously committed funding and time to work with us to improve the lives of South Africa’s children.”

PNA and Breadline Africa kick off Funky Socks Day 2023

Participate in the Funky Socks Day school competition

Participate in our exciting competition for a chance to win R5,000 for your school! Three lucky schools have the opportunity to each win R5,000. To enter, all you need to do is buy the Funky Socks Day stickers from your nearest PNA store and showcase your school's fantastic spirit by rocking those funky socks. Capture a photo or video of your school demonstrating their enthusiasm for Funky Socks Day and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #RockYourFunkySocks and tag PNA-Colour Your World. Don't miss this chance to support your school and show off your creativity!

Sock Doctor supports Funky Socks Day…

In addition, Sock Doctor has pledged a significant contribution to Funky Socks Day, partnering with PNA and supporting Breadline Africa. For every active PNA store with a Sock Doctor stand on Funky Socks Day, the company will donate 250 pairs of school socks to a school of choice.

Fritz adds: “In the spirit of giving ’til our socks drop off, participants get to embrace our Funky Socks Day side by wearing a pair of vibrant socks to work and school on 8 September 2023. Buy your stickers, challenge your schoolmates to do the same, and join PNA and Breadline Africa in rocking your funky socks while making a lasting impact on the lives of South African children. Together, we can build a brighter future through education.”

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