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TBWA\ Collective soars to success at Loeries Africa Middle East 2018

Named Regional Agency of the Year 2018, TBWA\ collectively took home 39 Loerie Awards, including two Grand Prix, seven Golds and nine Silvers, 15 Bronze and 5 Craft Certificates solidifying its position as the top regional agency in Africa Middle East.

Both award nights saw big wins for the TBWA\ network in traditional and new categories alike, for campaigns like the highly acclamied Highway Gallery from TBWA\RAAD taking a Grand Prix in the radio category, #BreakingBallet from TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg receiving Campaign Gold in Social Media and Silver in the Data Driven Campaign, #HopeJoanna from Grid Worldwide being awarded Silver in the Internet Video category and the Fear and Fantasy Festival from TBWA\ REKLAM HIZMETLERI A.S. also taking a Grand Prix for Identity Programmes. .“Our success at this years Loeries is both a testament to the creative philosophy of Disruption and a manifestation of our investment strategy, where we have invested heavily in attracting and growing data capabilities, production capabilities, talent initiatives and innovation in general” explains Sean Donovan, CEO of TBWA\South Africa.

TBWA\ Collective soars to success at Loeries Africa Middle East 2018

The work we are producing is proof of real shifts in the TBWA\ business over the past eighteen months with much more inter-agency collaboration within the group here in SA as well as the region. We see ourselves not as a network of distinctive agencies within a group or a territory but more a creative collective from which we pull the most suited resources for a particular task, united under a philosophy of being The Disruption Company.” says TBWA\ President for CEE, Middle East and Africa, Cem Topçuoğlu.

TBWA\ Collective soars to success at Loeries Africa Middle East 2018

Speaking on behalf of TBWA\RAAD, Chief Creative Officer Walid Kanaan says “Our performance at the Loeries’ this year was our best to date, and to contribute to winning the prestigious “Group Agency of the Year” is an unexpected extra. We’re so thankful to our clients for their trust, and so proud to see our willingness to take big creative risks being rewarded on this level. “

The Loeries success comes only weeks after a standout showing at Cannes, “a strong indication that we continue to pass these goals.”

Awards table below:

PrizeCategoryBrandTitleEntry Company
Grand PrixBrand Identity & Collateral Design - Identity ProgrammesFear and Fantasy FestivalFear and Fantasy FestivalTBWA REKLAM HIZMETLERI A.S.
BronzeBrand Identity & Collateral Design - LogosNationalNationalGrid Worldwide Branding (Pty) Ltd
Campaign Craft GoldDesign Crafts - PhotographyTiger BrandsDoomed Insects - Fly, Cockroach, AntTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd
Campaign Craft GoldDesign Crafts - Art Direction / Graphic DesignDistellNederburg Stories - A Story For The Bold-Hearted, Born In The Shadows, Written On A Sea BreezeTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd
Craft GoldDesign Crafts - IllustrationMTNMTN IllustrationGrid Worldwide Branding (Pty) Ltd
Craft CertificateDesign Crafts - TypographyMTNMTN Brighter SansGrid Worldwide Branding (Pty) Ltd
GoldDigital & Interactive - Social MediaJoburg BalletBreaking BalletTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign SilverData Driven CampaignJoburg BalletBreaking BalletTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
SilverDigital & Interactive - Social MediaConnectSlow TrendsTBWA\RAAD
Campaign BronzeDigital & Interactive - Display AdvertisingTiger BrandsMost Annoying Banner, Breeding BannerTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd
BronzeDigital & Interactive - Social MediaNissan KSA#SheDrivesTBWA\RAAD
Craft CertificateDigital Crafts - Music & Sound DesignJoburg BalletBreaking BalletTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
SilverIn-StoreAmnesty InternationalSkins of PeaceTBWA\RAAD
Campaign SilverNewspaper AdvertisingApartheid MuseumPast and Present - Verwoerd, Botha, Smuts TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign SilverNewspaper AdvertisingUNDPIstanbul Green Cemeteries - Kocasinan, Bagcilar, GungorenTBWA REKLAM HIZMETLERI A.S.
Campaign BronzeNewspaper AdvertisingGo SportThe Men's Sale - Lina, Dhaliya, FatihaTBWA\RAAD
Campaign BronzeNewspaper AdvertisingMTN South AfricaMTN Emojicons - Ghost, Snowman, PooTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign BronzeIndoor PostersNissanCamelpower - Hump, Nostrils, Heart, Leg TBWA\RAAD
Campaign BronzeIndoor PostersApartheid MuseumThe Old South Africa Flag - Segregation, Police Brutality, YouthTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign BronzeIndoor PostersLand Rover Don't Drink and Drive - Carambola, Peyote, Ayahuska TBWA REKLAM HIZMETLERI A.S.
Campaign Craft CertificatePrint Crafts - TypographyApartheid MuseumPast and Present - Verwoerd, Smuts, Botha TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign GoldPR & Media Communication CampaignJoburg BalletBreaking BalletTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign SilverPR & Media Communication CampaignNissan KSA#SheDrivesTBWA\RAAD
Campaign BronzePR & Media Communication CampaignConnectSlow TrendsTBWA\RAAD
Craft CertificateLive CraftsLouvre Abu DhabiHighway GalleryTBWA\RAAD
Campaign BronzeMedia Innovation - Media CampaignAmnesty InternationalSkins of PeaceTBWA\RAAD
Grand PrixBranded Content Radio & AudioLouvre Abu DhabiHighway GalleryTBWA\RAAD
GoldRadio Station CommercialsApartheid MuseumVerwoerdTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign SilverRadio Station CommercialsFlight Centre Youth & AdventureWorld Gone Mad - Swim, Date, FestivalTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign BronzeRadio Station CommercialsAWR Arabian AutomobilesFake Parts - Liam Neeson, Morgan FreemanTBWA\RAAD
Campaign BronzeRadio Station CommercialsKafaLetters - Sister, MotherTBWA\RAAD
Campaign Craft GoldRadio Crafts - WritingFlight Centre Youth & AdventureWorld Gone Mad - Swim, Festival, DateTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign Craft CertificateRadio Crafts - DirectionFlight Centre Youth & AdventureWorld Gone Mad - Festival, Date, SwimTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Campaign GoldBranded Content Video - SeriesJoburg BalletBreaking BalletTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
SilverInternet Video - above 30s#HopeJoanna#HopeJoannaGrid Worldwide Branding (Pty) Ltd
SilverBranded Content Video - SingleNissan KSA#SheDrivesTBWA\RAAD
BronzeTV & Cinema Commercials - up to 90sStandard BankWe're coming for youTBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
BronzeTV & Cinema Commercials - above 90sFNBThe HelpersGrid Worldwide Branding (Pty) Ltd
Campaign BronzeEffective CreativityNissanCamelpowerTBWA\RAAD

#HopeJoanna from Dimitri Repanis on Vimeo.

FFF - Fear and Fantasy Festival from jingle jackson on Vimeo.

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