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Find your balance with ABTA's 2018 conference

The African Business Travel Association (ABTA) has announced it's theme for its annual 2018 conference: Find your Balance. The conference, which takes place from 7 to 9 November at the Protea Hotel Hunters Rest in Rustenburg, will provide practical sessions to advance and benefit travel companies, clients and travellers.

‘Finding your Balance’ doesn’t only pertain to making sure you’re managing your leisure and work time properly, says ABTA founding member Monique Swart. "Whether striking the balance between policy and personalisation, safety and cost, the carrot and the stick, technology and the human touch, so much about corporate travel is a fine balancing act."

Corporate travel sees corporates trying to balance getting more for their travel spend with ensuring their cost-cutting measures don’t negatively impact the wellbeing of their travelling staff. "We grapple with this juggling act all the time, so our ABTA Conference this year is all about delivering practical insights that will help corporate travel stakeholders achieve this balance – a win-win-win approach if you will," says Swart.

Among the highlights for the 2018 conference thus far are seven educational plenary sessions; six break-out sessions; buyers closed door brand showcase; a traditional sa potjiekos opening night cocktail reception and a Boma dinner party hosted by FCM Travel Solutions.

Registration is now open and those wishing to attend are urged to register by 31 July 2018.
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