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Eduvos launches Higher Certificate in Computing for working professionals

Eduvos, one of the leaders in private higher education in South Africa, is excited to announce the launch of its latest offering, a Higher Certificate in Computing.
Eduvos launches Higher Certificate in Computing for working professionals

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, meaning people who wish to not only stay relevant but advance in their careers must continue to update their skills.

The new qualification is specifically aimed at working professionals who want to upskill, which is vital in the fast-changing world of work and technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Changing industry dynamics, rapid advancements in technology – as evidenced by the recent developments in AI technologies – and increasing demands for specialised skills have all made upskilling a necessary component of career success. According to the World Economic Forum, 44% of workers’ core skills will change in the next five years.

Computing skills are fundamental in keeping up with these rapidly evolving technologies and career changes across all industries. The new Higher Certificate in Computing (NQF level 5) is an intensive, career-focused qualification designed to give students a solid background in computing and the real-world application of knowledge.

The qualification will enable students to leverage technology in new ways, which will give them a competitive advantage and increase their earning potential. It also reinforces Eduvos’s belief that one is never too old to stop learning.

“As the world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, it is important for working professionals to stay in the know and keep their skills relevant,” says Eduvos’s head of Eduvos’s IT Faculty.

“You can unlock the potential of technology with our cutting-edge computing qualification. We believe this course will empower people to influence the future, to solve complex problems, and to produce effective solutions.”

As this programme is aimed at working professionals, it will be taught full-time after-hours. The mode of instruction is primarily live, online lectures hosted in the evenings or on weekends. This flexibility allows working professionals to complete the qualification within one year for a higher certificate, and three years for a degree programme.

Besides increasing one’s knowledge in one’s current field, Eduvos’s Higher Certificate in Computing opens doors in professions such as a web developer, software developer, IT strategist, data analyst, security engineer or network analyst – to name but a few.

Applications are open. Click here to enrol and start on 24 July 2023.

For media enquiries, contact Kara van der Berg at moc.sovude@grebdv.arak.

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