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Merica Monamodi shares excitement for IAB Bookmarks

With the upcoming IAB Bookmarks 2021 at our doorsteps, we spoke with social media liaison Merica Monamodi to find out more about the virtual event, taking place on Thursday, 29 July.
Merica Monamodi, social media liaison for IAB Bookmarks
Merica Monamodi, social media liaison for IAB Bookmarks

The Bookmarks are a crucial part of IAB SA’s mandate to empower the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy.

In preparation for the event, Monamodi took some time to divulge what we can expect from her on 29 July…

How are you feeling about it being the social media liaison for #2021Bookmarks?

To be a social media liaison for a platform that recognises and celebrates top talent in the digital industry is truly remarkable. I am passionate about honouring excellence and acknowledging the powerful impact of digital in the overall marketing mix.

As a content creator in the digital space, it gives me such great pleasure to celebrate agencies, brands, publishers for their creative campaigns and executions.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and the work you do.

I am a seasoned TV presenter, TV producer, a lively YouTuber and an influencer.

Not so professionally, I’m an avid lover of telling stories - about me, my hilarious family and a bunch of crazy friends. You’ll find all of this and more on my relatively popular YouTube vlog and my social media pages.

As social media liaison, what can we expect?

You can expect engagement with live chat features, discussions taking place on social media, and highlighting the winners announced.

What is your experience with social media and hosting?

My hosting experience comes from being a TV presenter on YoTV and Mzansi Insider - SABC 1.

As a result, I have had the pleasure of hosting events, roadshows and activations across the country for over a decade, including Miss Teen Soweto.
As a social media influencer, I have collaborated on exciting campaigns with various brands such as Ice Tropez and Hyundai.

What are you looking forward to for #2021Bookmarks?

Brands play a huge role in our society. With the digital space on a rise, it's always interesting to see how they connect with the consumers in this competitive market. Recognition is equally important - it highlights the performance of brands and how it is received in society.

I want to hear how these big brands stay on top of the game and make sure they are the best. I also can't wait to find who will win the 2021 Bookmarks Best Digital Agency.

What kind of media engagement do you think is important for an event like IAB Bookmarks?

Live coverage across key platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Given that the Bookmarks are about celebrating excellence in digital media, it’s only fitting that we leverage the full capabilities of these channels to bring an awards experience to viewers across the country, and perhaps, the world.

How, in your opinion, has social media aided in communication between people during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 has taken a toll on our everyday lives and has affected people's daily emotional lives and mental health. While practising safety precautions, we had to find a way to continue with our everyday duties.

Social media has been instrumental in allowing this to happen. We were able to conduct businesses, reach out to our loved ones and stay entertained and informed with what's happening in the world. For many, social media has been a stress reliever.

And specifically for events, how does social media impact awareness and engagement with online hosting?

The award show experience has undoubtedly changed since the boom of social media. It gives viewers the opportunity to engage with these prestigious events in ways that were unimaginable just 10 years ago. Moreover, it provides new means of exposure and reach.

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To book your ticket to attend the #Bookmarks2021 Virtual Awards show, go here.

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