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Federer-Nadal charity showdown sets tennis world record in SA

The crown of more than 51,945 people at this past weekend's Match in Africa - which saw Roger Federer take on Rafael Nadal in a charity match in Cape Town - set a new world record for the largest attendance at a tennis match.
The sixth Match in Africa – and first held on the continent – raised $3.5m (approximately R54.6m) for the charitable Roger Federer Foundation.

The atmosphere in the capacity stands was electric as Bill Gates and Trever Noah joined the two champions for a curtain-raising doubles match, with Federer and Gates facing off against Nadal and Noah. Fans were ecstatic to see Trevor Noah back on home soil as both he and Bill Gates convincingly proved that there’s more to them than their less sporty day jobs and that they were fully committed to a good cause.

The Match in Africa also showcased a host of local talent in between the matches, which kept the excitement high, including the legendary Ndlovu Youth Choir and the energetic Zip Zap Circus – a Cape Town-based social circus that was founded to inspire young people and to help build a new culture of peaceful coexistence in South Africa.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal did not disappoint, launching into an exciting rally of world-class tennis that had spectators on the edges of their seats. After a hard-fought three sets, Federer emerged as the winner of this round. But the players matched each other lobby for lobby and ace for ace throughout. The thundering contest was tense to the last minute.

All the net proceeds generated by The Match in Africa will be donated to the Roger Federer Foundation, to support education in rural South Africa. The Roger Federer Foundation has been supporting education programmes for over 16 years and has invested extensively in educational initiatives throughout Africa.

#MatchInAfrica: What social media said about the Nadal vs Federer tennis match for charity

Meltwater tracked news and social media mentions on '#MatchInAfrica' since the beginning of the year, and conversations surrounding the riveting rivalry that fans were hoping to see...

Issued by Meltwater 10 Feb 2020

¬†Following the match, Roger Federer said: “What an unforgettable night. We raised more than three-and-a-half million US dollars for vulnerable children in the region, achieved a world record with more than 51,945spectators at a tennis match and had so much fun on the court. Thanks, Rafa for a great match, to Bill and Trevor for stepping out of their comfort zones, and most of all, thank you, South Africa, and thank you Cape Town, for all your overwhelming support and for making a difference to those who need it most.”
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Mike Raya
Those two guys are simply just amazing.
Posted on 12 Feb 2020 10:38