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E-commerce: What's next post-pandemic?

E-commerce continues to shake up the world of retail, internationally and locally. In the past year alone there have been multiple innovations, billion-dollar valuations and vertical integrations.
E-commerce: What's next post-pandemic?

In the greater context of South African retail, e-commerce is still very small, but it is a channel experiencing significant growth. Most e-commerce ventures and business units (even the successful ones) are still losing money. However, retailers are realising that offering shoppers a way to shop online or via an app – even if unprofitable – needs to be seen as a cost of doing business, ideally with a path to profitability in the future.

Trade Intelligence has published an updated 2022 E-commerce Channel Report which provides actionable insights to help FMCG manufacturers capitalise on the growth and innovation in this dynamic retail channel.

E-commerce Channel Report

The report provides insights into South Africa’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, including market size estimates and views on future growth trajectories. It looks at which categories are driving local growth, what local online shoppers think and want, the influence of international trends and how retailers are responding.

Below is a preview of some of the insights. Click here for more information on the report.

E-commerce: What's next post-pandemic?

E-commerce Channel Online Briefing
19 July 2022
Price: R3,650

Join Trade Intelligence and guest speakers for a view of the big trends locally and their impact on local retailers and brands. The briefing will give attendees an overview of what South African online shoppers want, how local e-retailers are responding, and which international trends might be coming to a virtual store near you soon.


  • E-commerce in SA: A review of shifts and trends
  • FMCG categories: A topline view of category dynamics
  • E-retailing: Advice from a local e-comm player

Seats are limited! Contact Shelley van Heerden to book your seat.
Telephone number: +27 [0] 31 303 2803.
Email address: az.oc.ecnegilletniedart@ofni


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