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The 2024 Elections Broken Down with Mike Sham

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    Roambee enables digitisation for enterprise supply chain, logistics

    Internet of things (IoT) smart logistics and asset monitoring company, Roambee, has introduced BeeBeacon mobile monitoring technology that combines BLE/Wi-Fi/GSM hotspots and beacons to provide granular visibility for package-level delivery and asset management.
    Roambee enables digitisation for enterprise supply chain, logistics

    Working with Roambee’s Honeycomb IoT platform and mobile app, the new BeeBeacon and existing Bee (acting as a hotspot) deliver real-time intelligence to global enterprises that are tracking conditions for goods and assets inside, outside and in-transit.

    According to the 2017 Supply Chain Worldwide Study, 77% of firms either have no or restricted visibility into their supply chain. For most, RFID has proven too labour intensive and expensive. GPS doesn’t offer condition monitoring inside, and conventional beacons have conditional monitoring limitations.

    The BeeBeacon and Bee help enterprise customers around the globe quickly locate packages and signal when spoilage and tampering risks are present whether inside voluminous warehouses, outside in vast equipment yards and at every point in transit.

    “Working along with the Roambee Bee, the BeeBeacon brings unprecedented levels of real-time intelligence, to realise the digital transformation of the enterprise,” says Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Roambee. “This is just one part of Roambee’s end-to-end IoT solution designed to transform the supply chain from transactive to predictive, and ultimately, turn cost centres into profit centres.”

    Achieving granular, item-level visibility

    BeeBeacons attach to individual packages and assets transmitting location and condition to Bees in-transit or in-storage, and in real-time through Bluetooth low energy (BLE) protocol.

    The Bees, whether in a fixed location or in transit, then send real-time data to Roambee’s Honeycomb IoT API platform, which aggregates the data and makes actionable information available through the Roambee portal and the Roambee mobile app. The BeeBeacon and the Bee also work with the newly released BeeLock smart lock and BeeFleet onboard fleet management device. Together, this end-to-end solution provides transparency into the complete supply chain – all the way to the last mile of delivery. Roambee’s network operations center, BeeCentral, is also available 24/7 to help assist enterprise customers worldwide as they turn real-time intelligence into smart and prompt business decisions.

    Digitised supply chain fuels enterprise growth

    Roambee’s end-to-end solution, with the BeeBeacon and Bee at the centre, helps enterprises work smarter with intelligence that supports operational efficiencies and provides tangible increases in productivity.

    Conditional monitoring worldwide: There are two initial BeeBeacon models.

    The first monitors location (movement history, idle time, geo visibility and ETA) plus light exposure (tampering), while the other tracks location, temperature and humidity deviations (spoilage).

    Real-time actionable data: BeeBeacon transmits granular data in real-time, as often as needed, resulting in a predictive, digitised enterprise.

    Easy to use/scalable: BeeBeacons are plug-and-go ready, and can build upon existing systems across the Roambee ecosystem or with other third-party gateways and platforms.

    Affordable “pay-as-you go” model lets enterprises scale

    With Roambee’s on-demand, pay-as-you-go service, the BeeBeacon is the first monitoring device to offer package-level monitoring for just pennies a day. With a low per-use-cost and no upfront investment, an enterprise can quickly scale to monitor hundreds of thousands of packages, and see immediate returns.

    "The ROI is undeniable, and furthermore, this newly gained intelligence allows the enterprise to take predictive measures to amplify savings and drive growth,” says Sharma.

    Roambee is in active trials with global enterprise customers using the company’s end-to-end solution with the new BeeBeacon to improve ETA predictability, better manage JIT inventory, eliminate disruptions, strengthen security, reduce risks and improve demand forecasting

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