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Reclaim the future with Ericsson Innovation Awards 2020

Ericsson has officially launched its annual Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) 2020, a global competition that offers university students around the world the chance to develop new, innovative ideas with support from Ericsson experts.
The theme in 2020 is “Reclaim the future,” which centres on addressing current and future climate challenges and focuses primarily on how information and communications technology (ICT) can provide radical climate change mitigation for consumers and industries alike.

Based on Ericsson research, ICT solutions have the potential to improve energy use in industrial operations, minimize negative environmental impacts, and enable a reduction of global carbon emissions by up to 15 percent by 2030.

Heather Johnson, head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson, says: “Through our research and collaboration with academia and industry partners, we know that digitalisation will drive the innovation and opportunities we need to achieve a 1.5-degrees-Celsius future in line with the Paris Agreement. That’s why this year’s Ericsson Innovation Awards will challenge some of the best and brightest students sharing our passion for innovation to demonstrate how technology can support climate action.”

Ericsson believes that young people can drive innovation and development when it comes to current pressing issues. That is why, with innovation at the heart of Ericsson, young innovators are invited to register for the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2020.

Who can enter, dates and prizes

Ericsson Innovation Awards is open to students currently enrolled in University studies. Students from around the world are invited to enter the competition and are encouraged to form diverse teams of two to four members. Teams must register and submit their ideas by 30 September 2020.

This year, 14 teams will advance to the semi-finals, where they will have the opportunity to receive mentorship from Ericsson experts before competing to claim one of three spots in the finals. The three finalist teams will then go on to compete in the Grand Final event (held digitally this year) in December 2020. The winning team will receive a cash prize of €25,000, with a second-place prize of €15,000 and a third-place prize of €5,000.

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