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Get your website content right first!

It is of no use to get your website built quickly, just so "You can have something up". Chances are, you will end up paying twice or three times over for your website once you venture into PPC and SEO marketing. Getting it done right first time will save you a lot of troubles.

How do I set the right foundation for my website?

Step 1: Planning

Know your business, products and services and plan where and how you want them to be displayed on your site.

It is good practice to have a separate page for each product or service you offer.

Step 2: Think like a customer

Before drawing up your website copy, you need to become your own potential customer. Ask yourself these questions:
a. What will your potential customer literally be searching for when looking for a product or service you offer? (What will they type into Google or other search engines?)
b. What questions will your customers be asking? (Eg: Where can I find a plumber?)
c. What needs do they have? (Help, my geyser burst!)

Now, write your copy, and be sure that you:
a. Have the words or phrases on your page which your customer is looking for
b. Have the answer to their question
c. Cater to their needs and show that you can solve their problem

Step 3: Every page is a sales tool

• Write short and concise copy. Straight to the point and don't overdo it! Website readers don't read everything. They scan.
• Break down your copy into easily digestible chunks by using clear meaningful headings and bullet points for easy scanning.
• Don't be wary of using images to get your message across, as long as they are relative to your message and don't clutter the page.
• Make sure that every page you put together has a clear call to action. Eg: "Call for a discount!", "Fill out our form for a pricelist". Or "Contact Us now to avoid disappointment".
• Contact details and forms should be easily accessible from every page.
• Follow these three steps and you will save yourself a lot of headaches and precious time!

About Helena Green

Helena Green is a digital freelancer working under the brand of Get Me Online. Her mission it is to implement growth in small businesses by harnessing the online and digital environment to increase sales, building their customer base through her experience and knowledge of the internet and its various marketing avenues. She has been working in the online arena for the past 15 years.

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