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Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.

Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.

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    SA's favourite township brands - 2019/2020 Kasi Star Brands survey

    The winners of the 2019/2020 Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands survey have been announced.

    Kiwi shoe polish came first this year for the second year running, followed by Sunlight dishwashing liquid, Dettol liquid antiseptic, Lucky Star tinned fish, Checkers Custard Powder, Coca-Cola, Koo Baked Beans, Shoprite (retailers), Mageu Number 1 and Melrose cheese spread - the top 10 of the 30 top Kasi Star Brands that emerged from the 162 product categories measured this year.

    Nine brands were new Kasi Star Brands entrants this year: Checkers custard powder, Defy fridge/freezers and stoves, Melrose cheese spread, Gillette razors, Sunlight laundry detergents, Capitec Bank and Ava and Always female sanitary products.

    Measuring marketing ROI

    The South African township market is vast and diverse – it is essential that brand owners understand the distinct lifestyle segments within each township and that marketers are able to get a granular understanding of the nuances that lead to brand loyalty. To this end, Ask Afrika conducts its annual benchmark Kasi Star Brands survey that goes to the heart of measuring marketing return on investment.

    Kasi Star Brands are those that South African township consumers are most loyal to in terms of usage, irrespective of background or living standard. Ask Afrika’s Kasi Star Brands are defined by “solus usage”, which means consumers are loyal to only that specific brand within its product category. If a brand’s township marketing strategy is working, then it should have a good Kasi score.

    They are brands that define a common experience and are woven into the fabric of South Africa’s townships – township consumers are wholly committed to them. The winners are brands that have generated critical township mass in their categories and have built a high level of loyalty amongst township consumers at the same time.

    “The Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands benchmark enables brand owners to understand their brand’s performance within its category, on a product level and with the psychographic richness of the dataset that brings them closer to the township consumer behind the purchase. Kasi Star Brands provide a benchmark for executives and marketers who are passionate about their township strategy,” says Maria Petousis, executive: Target Group Index (TGI) at Ask Afrika.

    Research methodology

    The study defined a township (Kasi) consumer as a township resident with a TGI socio-economic level of between 4 and 10 (Economics of South African Townships, 2014). The TGI database, for which Ask Afrika owns the local license, has the ability to profile the unique difference between the different townships in South Africa.

    A sample of 7,671 South African township consumers representing 13,224,000 consumers were interviewed in the survey, which employed an enumerated area-sampling design. The universe included all communities with more than 8,000 inhabitants aged 15 years and older. The results were independently audited by auditing firm BDO and statistical expert Dr Ariane Neethling.

    Township loyalty trends

    “Overall in South Africa, brand loyalty levels have been declining steadily since 2015 as measured by Ask Afrika’s Icon Brands survey. Interestingly, however, brand loyalty in the township market has been increasing steadily over the same period,” says Petousis.

    “It is a very different market, with very different behaviour to overall South African consumer behaviour, and marketers need to differentiate their strategy for township consumers who don’t only shop within the township.”

    Petousis notes that the driving force behind increasing brand loyalty in the township market is single women in Gauteng, who are speakers of the Nguni languages and Sesotho and who are their families’ prime earners.

    “Year on year, there has been an increase in loyalty performance across all product categories, with the exception of food retail, tinned meat and condiments and sauces. Most township consumers are loyal to a repertoire of brands, except for female sanitary products and condiments and sauces.”

    Petousis says top trends this year include that township consumers view the brand offering as important and are loyal to brands that speak to them in their language. It is only after this that they consider price. How a brand fits into their lifestyle matters to most. Other important loyalty drivers are if a brand is perceived as acting ethically and if the marketing strategy is able to create an emotional connection and sense of trust.

    Township consumers are interested in local news and will notice brands that get involved on a community level. Family life is important, so children often get to decide on takeaway food, for example, and brands based on a healthy, natural lifestyle will also earn loyalty, she notes.

    View the full list of the 2019/2020 Kasi Star Brands category winners here.

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