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DevCom is hiring! (Communication consultants)

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
We have a lot of water, and we need a couple of thirsty horses to join us at the river. But... we are a tribe of unicorns, because the work we do is magical and niche, and out-of-the-box. It is communication in all its glory as an art and a science.

The question is: “Are you a thirsty unicorn?”

DevCom is an international award-winning consultancy that uses the power of communication to change companies, individuals and communities, to deliver business results and social impact.

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We are not your normal consultancy.
  • We work smart and we play hard.
  • We blow bubbles. We dress up, occasionally, and we care for ourselves.
  • We value diversity, so our tribe include men, women, all races, all religions, and many tribes, from many different regions.
  • We all have one thing in common: a love for our country and continent, fueling the passion for the people we work with.
  • We do fieldwork in rural areas and deliver business results in boardrooms.
  • We do research as a non-negotiable point of departure.
  • We serve several multi-national corporate clients with excellence.
Candidate requirements

You have to:
  • Have a suitable qualification in communication or business studies.
  • Drivers licence and ability and willingness to travel – we use our unicorn wings a lot.
  • Own reliable transport.
  • A can-do, nothing-is-too-much, I-will-learn-not-leave attitude.
  • The ability to find information and connect the dots better than anyone else you know (theoretical name: systems thinking – in die volksmond, common sense!)
  • An internal locus of control, and the ability to work towards long-term results.
  • Go through a five-step recruitment process: pitch, electronic interview, telephone
  • Interview, physical interview, and stay-for-a-day.
  • You complete the list by reviewing our work at and social media stalking.
Don’t send us your CV – bowl us over with your pitch

Our clients don’t hire CV’s. They want to see what we can do for them, and what the result will be. So, keep your CV, but send us your pitch. Review what we do, check out our CEO’s style (a master communicator, three times winner of the Best of the Best of IABC globally, and accredited business communicator), google our clients, and send us something that will grab our attention.

We don’t care if it is a video, a proposal, a two-page infographic, a special delivery or a 3D message from the moon. Show us why you should be part of our company.

Submit your pitch to with the subject line #findyourtribe and a hashtag that makes you stand out.

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