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Revolutionising medical imaging: Asus healthcare AI solutions unveiled

Embracing the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is a global trend.
Revolutionising medical imaging: Asus healthcare AI solutions unveiled

Asus is at the forefront, revolutionising medical imaging to enhance patient care and streamline operational efficiency. In our commitment to smart healthcare, it introduces cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the medical industry.

Medical imaging and the role of AI

The demand for medical imaging, including CT scans and ultrasound examinations, has surged in recent years, challenging healthcare organisations to find efficient solutions. Recognising this need, Asus has delved into AI and machine learning technologies to address the growing demands on healthcare professionals and improve diagnostic accuracy.

Medical imaging is crucial in diagnosing and preventing diseases, providing valuable insights into a patient's anatomy and physiology. Asus's AI technology enhances the accuracy and efficiency of medical imaging, particularly in areas such as symptom identification and disease risk prediction.
Studies, like the one published in the Radiology journal, showcase the effectiveness of AI algorithms in predicting breast cancer risks. Similarly, research at Tulane University demonstrates that AI-assisted computer programs can accurately detect colorectal cancer, rivalling the performance of human counterparts. These findings underscore the potential of AI to revolutionise medical screenings and diagnostics.

Asus' contribution: The EndoAim Endoscopy Solution

Colorectal cancer, a global health concern, often goes undetected until advanced stages, limiting treatment options. Asus, committed to smart healthcare, introduces the EndoAim Endoscopy Solution – an AI medical imaging breakthrough designed to detect polyps and prevent their progression into colorectal cancer.

EndoAim is trained on diverse datasets, allowing it to classify polyps with precision. It serves as a valuable second opinion for doctors, aiding in accurate diagnoses and eliminating the need for unnecessary biopsies. EndoAim can detect multiple polyps simultaneously during colonoscopies, saving valuable time for medical professionals.

Research indicates that many polyps and adenomas are missed during colonoscopies. Asus' EndoAim addresses this challenge with unparalleled sensitivity and specificity – over 95% sensitivity and 97% specificity, significantly surpassing market alternatives. Operating at 60 frames per second, double the rate of other solutions, EndoAim sets a new standard for colonoscopy care.

EndoAim received TFDA medical device certification from Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare and carries the National Quality Seal. Currently deployed in multiple Taiwanese hospitals, it seamlessly integrates with existing endoscopy systems.

A vision for the future of AI healthcare

As AI continues to reshape the healthcare landscape, Asus remains dedicated to developing AI-based solutions that not only elevate current healthcare practices but also alleviate the challenges faced by medical professionals.

Through ongoing collaboration with hospitals and industry partners, Asus is driving the evolution of AI healthcare solutions, ensuring improved care services for all. Join us in embracing a future where technology enhances healthcare delivery and transforms lives.

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