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Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

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    Want to win the Black Friday race this season? Then don't enter a horse

    "If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." These are the famous words Henry Ford uttered before giving the public anything but a horse.
    Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell

    They did not even get a faster horse. They got so much more. But those words do ring true for so many clients, agencies, and brands when they send briefs for their next campaign. Some of them just want a faster horse.

    I am not saying we should ever discourage clients from asking for a faster horse. But I would like to encourage clients and agencies to accept that sometimes the horse just won’t win the race. Take Black Friday for example. 30 second generics and standard banner ads will be a part of many a client’s booked inventory to create awareness for their specials around this busy promotional period.

    Nothing wrong with these horses. But can we interest you in a few things that will not only see you enter the sales or leads race during November, but potentially go on to win it as well? Like having to find a mystery shopper in a store with all the specials we shared on-air and online already in their trolley and then standing the chance to win big prizes. Like encouraging listeners listening on their mobile devises to shake their phone to be directed to a client’s specified URL. Like colour coding all the days leading up Black Friday linked to brands’ colours and drawing attention to their specials in a way that’s never been done before.

    The challenge with Black Friday of course is the fact that it has become way more than a one trick pony to try and bolster sales before the festive season. It’s Black Friday Week, Black Friday Month, Cyber Monday and so on - imagine how many horses are on the same track!

    We’ve taken a step back and recognised that your needs are specific to your objective. Horses for courses so to speak. And strategic use of integrated audio and digital have never been in such a strong position to prove how we have the answers without waiting for the relevant questions to be asked.

    Last thoughts - you want to win the Black Friday race? Then don’t enter a horse. Put us media owners to the creative test...

    About Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell is head of creative and content at Mediamark.
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