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    Solidarity Fund calls on SA to come together in preparation for vaccine rollout

    The 'Don't be a Mampara' campaign went a long way to sustaining the behavioural interventions required to mitigate against the spread of the virus. Following this, the 'When We Come Together' campaign features South Africans playing their part to respond to the pandemic while preparing for the mass vaccine rollout.
    Solidarity Fund calls on SA to come together in preparation for vaccine rollout

    Executive head of the Humanitarian Response and Behaviour Change Pillar at the Solidarity Fun, Wendy Tlou, said, “The 'When We Come Together' campaign tells the stories of both well-known and ordinary South Africans who have responded creatively to encouraging new behaviours in the fight against the coronavirus. This is aimed at inspiring and empowering South Africans to continue the journey towards overcoming the pandemic. Although vaccines, which are one of the best ways to fight the virus, are being rolled out, the threat of a third wave remains very real.”

    Tlou called on South Africans to continue practicing Covid-19 safety guidelines. These guidelines include proper wearing of masks - covering the nose and mouth, avoiding large gatherings, ensuring good ventilation and maintaining social distancing practices.

    The Solidarity Fund was designed as a rapid response vehicle to mobilise South Africans in the fight against Covid-19. It calls on South Africans to draw strength and inspiration from each other through this new campaign.

    Tloud said, “This has always been the South African way. We need to remember, now more than ever, that we are a nation of people who overcome, who encourage and uplift each other and who can inspire new ways of being. We will overcome Covid-19 together and will be stronger as a nation.”

    The campaign went live on 12 May across a range of media platforms including broadcast, digital and activations in rural areas and townships.

    Alongside the campaign launch, the Solidarity Fund will also be introducing a digital toolkit with communication and marketing material. The toolkit, which can be co-branded, will be freely accessible on the Solidarity Fund website. It can be used by businesses, civil society and government to support Covid-19 behaviour adherence, vaccine education and uptake.

    Material will be downloadable and will be available in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, isiXhosa, Setswana and siSwati. The digital toolkit goes live on 14 May with creative digital content. Educational content will be added progressively.

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