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Whatever your idea is about ideas, this book will change it!

As an award-winning playwright, author and Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA, John Hunt has witnessed again and again the power of original thinking to transform both companies and individuals. In The Art of the Idea, Hunt addresses everyone, from the global boardroom to the man on the street, on bridging the gap with ease. Few can argue with Hunt's claim that it is ideas that move the world forward, and he refreshingly articulates that anyone can play: there is no hierarchy to original thinking.
The Art of the Idea provides a toolbox for achieving excellence and offers a new way of defining your world. By illustrating how to create space so that ideas can breathe, it provides a lifeline to those who find themselves stuck in a rut. The Art of the Idea grants permission to trust your instincts, endure initial ridicule, and practice thinking as a team sport.

John Hunt's innovative and unassuming book shares accessible insights into the power of creative thinking.

“Buy a copy of John Hunt's book to put within reach on the bedside table. Buy a copy to keep next to the tub in the bathroom - permanently.

"And one on the stove. And one in your car. And a bedroom extra to keep under the pillow as a talisman. It really is that good-gorgeous-useful-inspiring-profound.” - Tom Peters

To order your copy of The Art of the Idea at the SPECIAL BIZCOMMUNITY PRICE of R175.00 (Retail price R220.00) call Lucille on 021 4624360 or email .

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How about some intelligent analysis? John Hunt is cool, but not a deity.
Posted on 25 Oct 2009 19:17


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