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How not to be scammed online this Black Friday

Looking to make the most of Black Friday? Well, cybercriminals are eagerly anticipating the day too. Here's what buyers and businesses can do to avoid being scammed...

By Maeson Maherry 3 days ago

Cellulant, Entersekt partner to strengthen security on mobile banking platform

The partnership will further enhance Cellulant's cybersecurity by proactively securing its digital banking channels and guarding against digital banking and payment frauds...

24 Nov 2020

Check Point Software warns mobile users of QR code scams

Hackers are looking to take advantage of QR codes' new popularity by replacing legitimate QR codes with one that launches a malicious URL or tries to download customised malware when scanned...

23 Nov 2020

5 things small business owners can do to avoid cybercrime

It could be very easy as a small business to be thankful that your organisation is small enough not to warrant you being a target for cybercrime, and that would be a costly mistake...

By Quentyn Taylor 23 Nov 2020

Poorly implemented tech leads to enforcement investigations at 40% of global companies - report

A landmark survey of more than 1,500 compliance leaders around the world, including in Africa, has revealed major risks associated with digitalisation, with 41% of those surveyed admitting their organisation has already experienced enforcement investigations...

20 Nov 2020

Are businesses ready for the imminent POPI Act?

Small businesses may become daunted by the apparent cost of POPI compliance. The real question is, can any business afford non-compliance?

By Carrie Peter 19 Nov 2020

6 ways to safeguard yourself this Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Black Friday is fast-approaching, and as you start planning your shopping sprees on online stores, it is imperative to ensure your personal data is secure...

By Nithen Naidoo 17 Nov 2020

Female racing series partners with cyber protection provider Acronis

The multi-year agreement sees Acronis become W Series' new global cyber protection and security partner, providing technology solutions for W Series' on-track racing programme...

17 Nov 2020

Important lessons for employees, bosses from Fraud Awareness Week

South Africa is now accelerating towards the end of the year; it's a time when many employees will be tempted to go online or into a store to take advantage of deals around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even Christmas...

17 Nov 2020

SA's Internet Service Providers' Association warns gamers of vindictive hackers

More people playing games professionally online has exposed the ease with which gaming consoles can be hacked, especially by fellow gamers with an axe to grind...

11 Nov 2020

F-Secure ID Protection prevents falling victim to identity theft

Identity theft happens when someone uses another person's identity or personal information, such as their name, social security number, credit card number or online credentials without permission to commit a crime or fraud. Resolving identity theft is not easy...

Issued by Maximizer Software 5 Nov 2020

A guide to virtual event security data

Virtual event managers need to be aware of the risks that come with valuable personal information. They also need to be aware of what safety precautions can be taken to safeguard themselves and the data they are responsible for...

4 Nov 2020

Cybersecurity: What new challenges are on the horizon in 2021

In a world where figuring out what will happen today is all but impossible, it's hard to say what the future holds. There are, however, a few things that are abundantly clear...

By Fermin Serna 3 Nov 2020

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