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How to protect yourself from the latest online security threat - formjacking

The latest Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report lists formjacking as one of the most dangerous attacks in the history of cybercrime...

14 hours ago

Q&A: Jaya Baloo talks quantum computing, cybersecurity in financial institutions

Jaya Baloo has been working internationally in information security for nearly two decades...

By Evan-Lee Courie 18 Apr 2019

Attack traffic up by 32% in 2018

New research from cybersecurity provider F-Secure reports a significant increase in attack traffic in the latter half of 2018. But while attacks are increasing, it seems many companies are struggling with incident detection...

Issued by Maximizer Software 16 Apr 2019

F-Secure RADAR wins vulnerability award

Cybersecurity company F-Secure continues to receive market recognition for their solutions with their latest accolade being the Champion Award given for their RADAR solution by German research and analyst firm Techconsult...

Issued by Maximizer Software 16 Apr 2019

Facebook quizzes could get your identity stolen

What kind of pizza are you? Which Disney pet are you? Which celebrity would be your perfect match?

16 Apr 2019

How autonomous IT and security solutions will enable proactive IT departments

The cybersecurity of a business is still largely reliant on the people within each company's IT department...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 11 Apr 2019

Will our homes become too smart for us?

Increased insurance risks posed by the Internet of Things...

11 Apr 2019

Phishing attacks predictions for 2019

It is becoming better understood that, in order to stop phishing attacks, we need to be able to see them coming...

10 Apr 2019

Data security critical for cloud-based solutions

Traditionally, data used to be a physical asset that required on-site protection. However, in the digital age, data can be located anywhere in the world...

By Stephen Garbett 9 Apr 2019

Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

The very benefits that make the IIoT so compelling, makes it equally capable of damaging infrastructure operations and processes through bad actors...

8 Apr 2019

SECaaS provides a cloud-based game changer

Security-a-a-Service (SECaaS) is not an entirely new concept...

8 Apr 2019

Why you need to be very, very aware of LoJax

The conventional wisdom with malware is that you can kill it once and for all by wiping a system and starting from scratch, however...

By Bryan Hamman 5 Apr 2019

It's time for women to consider a career in tech

Before the introduction of the South African Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, women had no formal recognition as equal citizens...

By Leonie Stanley 5 Apr 2019

What 4IR means in the Namibian context

The world is on the verge of a major revolution; while developed countries are keeping pace with major technological advancements...

By Llewellyn le Hané 5 Apr 2019

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