Cyber security is key to smart metering deployment

As adoption of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) becomes more widespread, its appeal to cyber attackers will undoubtedly increase...

By Darren Oxlee 1 day ago

How not to get hacked

Gone are the days when we could live in peace believing that as low-profile individuals, we were unlikely to draw the attention of hackers...

2 days ago

The missing link for integrating physical and IT security resources

Better communication is the key to integrating physical and IT security in enterprises today...

2 days ago

Is your organisation ready to comply with PoPI Act?

According to a Sophos commissioned survey, only 34% of South African organisations are ready to comply with PoPI Act...

2 days ago

The link between compliance and cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are gaining momentum, and each new publicised incident highlights the increasing need for effective data protection...

By Vishal Barapatre 3 days ago

Report reveals 37% of organisations impacted by cryptomining

A new report shows 20% of companies globally continue to be hit by cryptomining attacks every week; 33% hit by mobile malware, and 4% by ransomware...

11 Feb 2019

To keep strategic customers, good governance is key

The principles of good governance are elementary to the success and long-term sustainability of all businesses...

11 Feb 2019

SA is at high risk for harmful online behaviour

South Africans are among the most at risk for exposure to negative behaviour online according to Microsoft's 2019 Digital Civility Index...

8 Feb 2019

A quick guide to end-to-end business security

The threat of cyber attacks has been at the forefront of discussions in the media and in the technology industry itself...

By Elaine Wang 6 Feb 2019

The business of organised cybercrime

Team leader, network administrator, data miner, money specialist. These are just some of the roles making a difference at today's enterprises...

By Simon McCullough 6 Feb 2019

Prepare for 2019: Weaponise Risk

When Noah weathered great floods, at least he had the luxury of waiting before sticking his head out of the hatch. But time is money, not only to earn some but to stay ahead...

By Riaan Bekker 6 Feb 2019

SA is a target for cyber attacks

The digitisation of our personal and work lives is making society increasingly reliant on technology, and more vulnerable to the risk of a debilitating cyberattack...

5 Feb 2019

What will shape data privacy in the future?

2018 was a landmark year for regulators and businesses alike following the introduction of GDPR. There was a move from businesses to step up when it came to protecting personal data...

By Nigel Tozer 5 Feb 2019

Using AI can make your business fraud-free and safer

When it comes to AI, virtual assistants and chatbots are an immediate association for many. However, AI has other important uses for companies too - in fighting fraud...

By Rob Lith 4 Feb 2019

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