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Rocketseed has opened a press office on Bizcommunity.com!

Rocketseed is the first-choice email signature management software for both marketers and IT professionals across the globe, compatible with Office 365, Gsuite & Exchange.

#BizTrends2019: Digital, data-driven biometrics
#BizTrends2019: Digital, data-driven biometrics

The global biometrics market is growing rapidly. In fact, research indicates that the global market is growing a compounded growth rate of 22.9%...

By Pine Pienaar 2 days ago

#BizTrends 2019: The rise of IT acronyms
#BizTrends 2019: The rise of IT acronyms

Acronyms have always dominated in the tech industry, but those that are set to rule the world in 2019 are the ones to remember...

By Rowan Fine 9 Jan 2019

Leading pharmaceutical CISO heads to Johannesburg for CISO Africa 2019

A stellar group of local and international speakers are lined up for the CISO Africa 2019 conference, which kicks off in Johannesburg in February...

Issued by Corinium Global Intelligence 1 hour ago

NordVPN's 5 cybersecurity predictions for 2019

Cybersecurity threats will keep getting worse in 2019...

7 hours ago

How to create a cybersecurity culture

'Cybersecurity' is still a relatively new word, making its first appearance to reference "protecting a computer or computer system" in 1989...

By Simeon Tassev 1 day ago

2019 predictions: The CIO will govern

Silos - the word seemingly depicts a neat environment where things tick along or one where everything is operating in disparate chaos, the left hand clueless as to what the right hand is doing...

By Wynand Smit 3 days ago

Brand security means endpoint security

When British businessman Gerald Ratner, chief executive of a high street chain of jewellers, stood up to address the London business community in 1991, he had little idea...

By David Rozzio 11 Jan 2019

Cyber threats are becoming all-too-real for businesses

The promise of enhanced business performance in practically every area - from cost-cutting to employee productivity and customer service - has business owners around the world embarking on the journey of digital transformation...

By Byron Clatterbuck 10 Jan 2019

Connected electric car chargers could damage home networks

While modern electric vehicles are tested constantly for vulnerabilities, some of their essential accessories, such as the battery chargers, often remain neglected...

9 Jan 2019

New short course teaches you how to think like a cybersecurity expert

Industries continue to rely heavily on data and digital systems and as we move into industry 4.0, bridging the skills gap in cybersecurity is an absolute must...

Issued by Enterprises University of Pretoria 8 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: 4 Tech trends to watch for in 2019

It's that time of year again when everyone in the tech industry takes out their crystal balls and starts making predictions about what's going to happen in the industry in 2019...

By Esti Kilian 7 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: SA businesses moving closer to data-driven decision making

In recent years, established South African businesses have become more aware of the importance of data and its potential role in high-level strategy...

By Brian Timperley 7 Jan 2019

Risk, security teams must collaborate

Businesses across the board are facing an unprecedented range of cyber risks that could have catastrophic consequences...

By Jayson O'Reilly 28 Dec 2018

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