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It's time to work together, apart

The past few months have seen many changes in how we live, work and interact. The corporate space in particular has been hit the hardest with regards to operations, logistics, human resources and remote work capabilities...

Issued by Adverb 17 Jul 2020

African Energy Chamber launches portal to boost job market

In order to maximize the saving of local jobs and assist in the recovery of African energy markets after the Covid-19 crisis, the African Energy Chamber and its partners have launched a free-access jobs portal for trained and qualified African workforce...

9 Jul 2020

SME Recruitment: How to conduct a foolproof job interview

Small-business owners don't have the luxury to make bad hires. In small businesses, every employee plays a crucial part in productivity and company growth...

By Siobhan Zurnamer 8 Jul 2020

Why now is the time to invest in executive talent

There's never been a better time to invest in executive talent. That may seem counterintuitive given current circumstances but there's sound logic behind it. Below are several reasons why spending on upper management makes perfect sense...

By Annelize van Rensburg 1 Jul 2020

Consider flexible solutions to meet fluctuating staff requirements as lockdown eases

Since the initial shutdown and panic buying of goods, especially essential ones, we are now seeing the easing of restrictions and a wider variety of goods being offered once more. The entire distribution chain has had to adapt to these fluctuations in order to ensure a steady supply of goods to customers...

By Kim Coetzee 29 Jun 2020

SME recruitment: How to screen candidates

Hiring is both time consuming and costly. To ensure your recruitment strategy is efficient, inclusive and fair, it's critical you focus your efforts on creating a solid screening process...

By Siobhan Zurnamer 22 Jun 2020

The powerful role of staffing agencies

There is the understanding that there is a lot to be said about businesses that are willing and able to step outside of their standard comfort zones to incorporate exciting innovations that have the potential and the power to transform their business models for the better...

By Craig Lebrau, Issued by Lebrau Press 19 Jun 2020

Future fit for purpose

Dr Alex Granger shares invaluable advice on how to develop fit for purpose leaders, culture and people for a brave new world...

Issued by SAICA 17 Jun 2020

How Covid-19 is impacting your employees

The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating business transformation, and although it may be a crisis, it also presents an incredible opportunity for organisational change...

By Dr Amelia Richards & Jenni Jones, Issued by Ask Afrika 15 Jun 2020

#Loeries2020: Creative hour with... Suhana Gordhan

The Loeries recently launched a new series of webinars called Creative Hour, whereby new Loeries CEO, Preetesh Sewraj hosts industry leaders from across the region, raising industry-related topics that would typically be discussed in private at the close of business...

By Jessica Tennant 12 Jun 2020

The advantages of investing in the services of a staffing agency

When there is a need for short-term employees in a company, it can be a challenge to know how to approach the process of hiring these types of positions out. This is where a staffing agency comes in handy so much...

By Craig Lebrau, Issued by Lebrau Press 11 Jun 2020

Key to executive sourcing in Africa during the pandemic

In South Africa, we use the term "ubuntu". It doesn't just apply to business but every aspect of life. It is a social contract based on the philosophy that if my community thrives, I thrive. Other African countries use different words to describe ubuntu, but the spirit is the same: I am because we are...

By Bafana Kubheka 9 Jun 2020

How to write a great job description

Getting quality candidates is challenging. Most jobseekers are desperate and will apply for every job they can, resulting in clogged inboxes and excessive CVs for employers to screen. Poorly written job descriptions can cause further stress and time wastage for employers because they attract irrelevant applications from the wrong candidates...

By Siobhan Zurnamer 8 Jun 2020

South Africa: regulating no-poach agreements during the Covid-19 pandemic

Employers invest considerable amounts of time and resources into sourcing and upskilling talented human capital; however, they are still exposed to the risk of losing their human capital to competitors. To manage this, certain employers have implemented no-poach agreements or clauses...

By Lerisha Naidu and Thato Mkhize 5 Jun 2020

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