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  • We Will Rock You tour of SA postpones to 2022
    Showtime Management and international partner Selladoor Worldwide have postponed the South African tour of the We Will Rock You musical to 2022. South Africa is currently in its third wave of Covid-19 infections and, as such, the government has implemented precautions that only allows for a total audience of 100 people.
  • 6 critical PoPIA compliance steps to take before 1 July
    The eleventh hour is upon businesses who are not Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) compliant. The effective date of 1 July is upon us. By Rian Schoeman
  • #YouthMatters: Leigh-Anne Salonika, founder of OnlyKind
    From East London to some of South Africa's most storied agencies. After winning on global stages and achieving what she set out to on the inside of the corporate advertising machinery, Leigh-Anne Salonika is living her purpose, and in doing so working with brands to unlock theirs By Evan-Lee Courie
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Apple hires former BMW exec to work on its electric car project

Apple has reportedly hired Ulrich Kran, a former BMW vice-president and co-founder of electric startup Canoo, to work on its project to develop an electric car...

11 Jun 2021

Fiat to be fully electric by 2030

Fiat is another brand that will be joining the electric-only revolution...

By David Taylor 9 Jun 2021

Slight relief for motorists using petrol this June

The Automobile Association (AA) is forecasting that petrol users are set for some month-end relief at the pumps...

By Imran Salie 31 May 2021

Hyundai accelerates shift to electric vehicles, cuts ICE engines

Korean automotive giant Hyundai is reportedly in the process of reducing the number of internal combustion engines...

By Gero Lilleike 28 May 2021

Volkswagen reveals a 'Golf R' EV

VW is beginning to flex its muscles in the performance sector of its electric car lineup. Its GTX concept sheds weight and increases power to Golf R rivalling numbers...

20 May 2021

AutoTrader CEO George Mienie commits to electric vehicles

AutoTrader CEO George Mienie has expressed his commitment to electric vehicles by purchasing a Jaguar I-Pace...

Issued by AutoTrader 20 May 2021

Electric Lamborghinis are coming

Lamborghini has long been the brand to fly in the face of convention. Its cars are designed to get the heart racing and it has been a stalwart of the internal combustion engine (ICE) brigade...

19 May 2021

Have your say on new energy vehicles green paper

The purpose of the Green Paper is to establish a clear policy foundation that will enable the country to coordinate a long-term strategy...

19 May 2021

Regulations around self-driving cars to be introduced in South Africa

The Department of Transport is planning on introducing regulations around self-driving cars as it expects autonomous vehicles...

13 May 2021

Petrol and diesel price decrease for May 2021

Motorists can expect the price of fuel to decrease for the month of May...

By Imran Salie 30 Apr 2021

Do electric cars lose value faster than petrol and diesel cars?

Some EV models lose value in the first twelve months after registration. This gives a handful of shrewd buyers the opportunity to buy EVs at reduced prices...

30 Apr 2021

Electric cars: Here's how many were bought in SA last year

The only registrations in Africa, a continent that is home to 1.2 billion people, were exclusively in South Africa...

26 Apr 2021

Ferrari to reveal its first electric car in 2025

The Italian supercar maker has confirmed it will be launching its first all-electric vehicle in 2025. Here's what we know...

16 Apr 2021

Possible fuel price relief for May 2021

The AA predicts that if the global fuel price and Rand stay on a similar trajectory until the end of the month, there's a chance of a fuel price decrease for May...

15 Apr 2021

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