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Introducing the city-smart new Kia Picanto Runner

Kia Motors South Africa has expanded its LCV offering with the introduction of the new Kia Picanto Runner, a compact and cost-effective urban delivery vehicle offering all the comfort, convenience and safety features the Picanto is known for, combined with the practicality of a functional load bay...

Issued by Kia Motors South Africa 3 days ago

Fuel price increase for July

The Automobile Association of South Africa predicts fuel prices will increase by more than R1.70 a litre on Wednesday, 1 July 2020...

30 Jun 2020

Astron Energy gives support for fuel industry during Covid pandemic

Even though petrol stations were deemed an essential service throughout the lockdown, the business challenges presented by Covid-19 for the fuel industry have been immense...

30 Jun 2020

Stephanie Travers shares the inside track on F1

Hailing from Zimbabwe and living in the UK since 2004, Stephanie Travers is a Petronas Trackside Fluid Engineer for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team...

4 Jun 2020

Fuel price jumps up in Level 3 lockdown

The price of fuel for the month of May has been the lowest this year, however, this all changes...

2 Jun 2020

The fuel station of the future

No one could have imagined that the simple filling stations of the 1970s would one day morph into the enormous service stations dotting our highways today...

26 May 2020

SA Petrol Price 2020 - Where does our money go?

The wildly-fluctuating fuel price is a massive discussion point and we've often wondered how the numbers work...

By David Taylor 25 May 2020

Mitigating risks in the current oil industry crisis

The compounding effects of coronavirus and oil industry disruptions pose unique and significant challenges, particularly on the African continent where the economies of producing countries are largely dependent on oil revenues...

By Oneyka Ojogbo 6 May 2020

Fuel price drops to lowest this year

Fuel price changes will be effected on Wednesday, 6 May 2020...

5 May 2020

Oil and rand in corona fuel crash

Globally destructive economic instability has pushed fuel prices into drastic retreat, leading to some very rare good news for South African motorists...

21 Apr 2020

What current global challenges are teaching us about energy development

The current Covid-19 pandemic, and its global and ubiquitous disruption, is delivering a seemingly constant stream of new challenges to our way of life...

9 Apr 2020

Standard Bank acquires 40% stake in Payment24

Standard Bank has acquired a 40% stake in the digital fuel management solutions and telematics company Payment24 Group...

8 Apr 2020

Fuel price drops - No April Fool's Day joke

This is not an April Fool's Day joke. The Department of Energy has published the latest fuel price adjustments for April 2020 and is the biggest 'drop' South Africa has ever seen...

31 Mar 2020

Engen Refinery to undergo temporary controlled shutdown

The Engen Refinery is undergoing a temporary controlled shutdown due to the forecasted lower demand for petroleum products during the national lockdown...

30 Mar 2020

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