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Traffic congestion reconsidered

Despite efforts to encourage a shift to sustainable transportation, traffic congestion is often the focus of debates over mobility. Motorists endlessly demand more roads, but is this really a solution?

3 Jun 2019


TPConnects launches IATA NDC-based SaaS software for global travel agents

TPConnects SaaS-based solution addresses the current problem of 99% of the travel agents lacking their own digital assets...

2 May 2019


Qatar Airways strengthens ties with Amadeus to maximise revenue, improve customer experience

Last summer, the aviation industry set a new record, with over 200,000 aircraft taking to the skies every day. In a competitive marketplace, airlines are looking for the right technology that enables them to deliver memorable experiences for their customers...

26 Apr 2019


Plans unveiled for new cable car line in Amsterdam

UNStudio has unveiled plans for a new one-and-a-half-kilometre cable car line and stations, connecting two growing residential areas of Amsterdam...

27 Jun 2018


All Dutch trains now run on wind energy

The European country has reached its goal a little earlier than planned...

By Lindsay Samson 13 Jan 2017


Self-drive trucks 'future of Europe's busy highways'

Six convoys of semi-automated 'smart' trucks arrived in Rotterdam's harbour after an experiment its organisers say will revolutionise future road transport on Europe's busy highways...

8 Apr 2016


Heineken moves to take full control of Jamaican brewer

THE HAGUE - Dutch beer giant Heineken announced late on Friday it was moving to buy up all outstanding shares of Jamaican brewer Desnoes & Geddes to gain 100% control of the company...

9 Nov 2015


Heineken taps into takeovers with Slovenia brewery

THE HAGUE - Dutch beer giant Heineken said on Thursday it had acquired a majority stake in Slovenian brewer Pivovarna Lasko for 120 million euros ($135 million), another consolidation move in the sector just days after the biggest brewer AB InBev reached a deal to buy rival SABMiller...

16 Oct 2015


Heineken opens USD60m brewery in Myanmar

THE HAGUE - Dutch beer giant Heineken announced on Monday it has opened a multi-million-dollar brewery in Myanmar, seeking to cash in on one of Asia's high-growth markets...

13 Jul 2015


European privacy watchdogs probe Facebook; EU wants to 'finalise' Google market abuse probe

PARIS, FRANCE: European data protection authorities have joined forces to probe Facebook's privacy controls, a French watchdog said on Thursday, putting the popular US social media giant under fresh pressure...

17 Apr 2015

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