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Dragonfly South Africa announces its sponsorship of the Assegai Awards for the 3rd consecutive year

Established in 1998 by the DMASA, The Assegai Awards serve as a prominent event to recognise outstanding achievements in direct marketing. More than just an accolade, the awards also provide a valuable networking platform for industry professionals.
Dragonfly South Africa announces its sponsorship of the Assegai Awards for the 3rd consecutive year

Vicky Grant, CEO of Dragonfly Direct Marketing and The Dragonfly Agency (UK), is delighted to be affiliated with the Assegais award ceremony. As a former judge of the prestigious event and her extensive experience in international direct mail for over 20 years, Grant sees this as a fantastic opportunity for South African Dragonfly clients to demonstrate and praise their dedication in crafting meticulous direct mail campaigns.

The Assegai Awards symbolise brilliance in direct marketing, referencing the precision of an Assegai spear hitting specific targets. Dragonfly recognises the importance of efficiency in direct marketing channels and is proud to associate itself with a platform that encourages industry players to achieve greatness in their campaigns. The sponsorship also strengthens our agency’s position as a key player in the direct marketing industry, fostering valuable connections and collaborations within the field internationally.

Dragonfly’s involvement with the Assegai Awards aligns with its values of innovation, creativity, and measurable results. Dragonfly aims to contribute to the growth and development of the direct marketing industry in South Africa, while showcasing its expertise and thought leadership. By actively participating in the Assegai Awards and championing the use of data-driven marketing, Dragonfly remains at the forefront of the industry, consistently delivering outstanding results for our clients.

The team at Dragonfly is excited to be a part of the Assegai Awards once again and looks forward to celebrating and recognizing outstanding achievements in direct marketing. Client services and new business director, Moyra Lambert describes the event as an “incredible experience attending Assegais – an evening of glitz and glamour rubbing shoulders with talented clients and agencies!”

The Direct Marketing Association of Southern Africa (DMASA) is a Section 21 company dedicated to the protection and development of the Interactive and Direct Marketing (IDM) industry. It established itself as an independent body in November 2005.
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