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2024 Eco-Logic Awards - entries are now open

Calling all eco-champions and green innovators - entries are officially open for the 2024 Eco-Logic Awards. The awards, which have been running for over 12 years, serve as a call to action, supporting initiatives that not only benefit 'people and planet' but also ignite inspiration and empower consumers to embrace eco-conscious choices and decisions daily. It honours the pioneers spearheading the movement towards a more sustainable future.
2023 Eco-Logic Awards trophy
2023 Eco-Logic Awards trophy

David Parry-Davies, editor of The Enviropaedia and founder of the Eco-Logic Awards emphasises, "The awards are a platform not only to recognise eco-champions but also to inspire consumers to support sustainable initiatives through their purchasing power."

Natural new partnership

This year, the event has partnered with Biomimicry SA, marking a significant milestone in advancing environmental practices to heal and protect our planet. “This partnership with Biomimicry SA is a significant step towards implementing sustainable practices through biomimicry, allowing us to learn from nature's wisdom and evolve in unprecedented ways," says Parry-Davies.

Biomimicry draws inspiration directly from nature and involves learning from and emulating nature's ingenious solutions to tackle human challenges.

Jane Lourens, co-director of Biomimicry SA explains the power of biomimicry with an example of a project they did in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and the CSIR: “We worked with rural communities across South Africa, to unearth socio-economic opportunities by emulating how whole ecosystems function and then applying these learnings within the communities.

"One of the communities we worked with had a solid waste problem and by learning about how nature handles waste in natural ecosystems, the community was able to design and prototype a circular waste management system that addressed the issue of solid waste whilst also achieving numerous cascading benefits such as creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Winners of this year’s Eco-Logic Awards will benefit from a consultation (valued at R300,000) with the Biomimicry SA team and enrolment in their "Change Makers by Nature" programme. The programme gives participants the tools they need to lead purposefully, think systematically, and design solutions inspired by nature. This helps businesses to improve efficiencies, resilience and grow sustainably while working in harmony with the environment.

David Parry-Davies, founder of the Eco-Logic Awards at the 2023 ceremony
David Parry-Davies, founder of the Eco-Logic Awards at the 2023 ceremony

Entry and award ceremony details

The awards ceremony, set to take place at the Two Oceans Aquarium, V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on 30 October 2024, will be televised on PPL°Planet (OpenView Channel 115).

The event will honour gold, silver, and bronze winners across 12 categories, including Climate Change, Nature Conservation, Water Conservation, Circular Economy and Waste Innovation, Eco-fashion and Lifestyle, Eco-health and Wellness, Eco-hospitality and Tourism, Eco-Innovation, Eco-Friendly Products, Eco-Communities and Schools, Eco-Angel, and Eco-Warrior. There will also be a programme of environmental talks and workshops.

Entry is free, with all submissions evaluated by a panel of 12 independent and environmentally knowledgeable executives from diverse backgrounds.

Parry-Davies notes, "As the total annual media reach of the Eco-Logic Awards in 2023 was in excess of 94 million, it is clear that these awards have significant social impact and consumer influence. By supporting our eco-champions, and promoting environmentally beneficial products, services, individuals and organisations, we contribute positively to building a safer, healthier and more sustainable future for us all."

Entry submissions and nominations are welcome until 30 June 2024 at

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