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Ananzi South Africa's largest search engine undergoes a makeover

Ananzi, South Africa's largest and fastest search engine, has undergone a revamp and rebrand. The website is now poised to become one of the top aggregator sites in the country with a potential 1.5 million classified ads searchable in categories ranging from cars, to property to jobs and entertainment.
Ananzi South Africa's largest search engine undergoes a makeover
Ananzi South Africa's largest search engine undergoes a makeover
Early last year Ananzi launched the enhancement project with Norwegian based company, Rubrikk, a well-established web entity which has created and operates one of Norway's top aggregator sites. The Norwegian Research Counsel together with Innovation Norway are both supporting Rubrikk, acknowledging the company┬┤s emphasis on innovation and research.

Rubrikk has developed the relevant software and platforms for Ananzi and will participate in the project as partner in order to ensure continuity.

"We have evolved Ananzi to now include a section called AnanziAds. The launch of this new iteration of Ananzi search is the culmination of a long and involved process and has taken 12 months of intensive research and development. We are confident that the technology offered will be of huge benefit to the South African user. This is a natural and exciting evolution of the Ananzi search offering," comments Mark Buwalda, MD

Adil Osmani, Marketing Director of Rubrikk, adds," We want to make it easier for all South Africans to gain the best overview of the market. We will provide the users of AnaniziAds with a one-stop shop - whatever you need, you will find here. All classified ads in SA will be searchable from this one site, giving South Africa true transparency in the market place."

Adil continues, "Would you buy a car without making sure you got the best deal? Of course not - searching from amongst a population of some 400 000 cars will get you the best overview possible". He continues, "We want to make it easier for all South Africans to get the best overview of market offerings. "

The process of search and retrieval has been made very simple and user friendly. Ananzi continues to offer traditional search but this new resource will add considerable value to its search options. Classified search results are aggregated making product search a one-stop shop.

8 Nov 2011 13:36



Thammy Zulu
Thammy Zulu
Around the 90's Ananzi was a really powerful search engine. You either search on Ananzi or Yahoo.Now I think there are a glorified listing directory charging for links. Google ran over sites like Ananzi with devastating effect. I have not visited this site for past 3 years, there is no need at all.
Posted on 11 May 2013 18:20

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