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Skills development in mining - a solution to a changing industry
For some years, South Africa's mining industry has been in decline. Diminishing reserves, a drop in commodity prices, currency fluctuations, energy reliability, and deteriorating infrastructure have all played a part. From a GDP contribution of over 20% in 1980, the sector contributes just 8% today. 31 Oct 2023 Read more

In workplace empowerment, mentorship matters - one woman's story shows us why
Much is made of the importance of female mentors in the workplace - and with good reason. At every stage of their education and professional development, girls, graduates and young women should be able to look up to and be supported by leaders who understand their circumstances and challenges. Female mentorship helps to build social capital, nurture ambition, and break down barriers to advancement. 28 Aug 2023 Read more

This Mandela Month, #Matric4Madiba helps learners to defy the odds
The Department of Basic Education estimates that less than a third of South African adults have their matric. While this is a deeply troubling statistic, it remains just that - a statistic - until we consider the importance of a matric, and what massive implications not having this qualification has on the lives of millions of people. 4 Jul 2023 Read more

Matric still matters and here's why
It is widely acknowledged that the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination, commonly referred to as Matric, carries great importance within the South African education and professional landscape. Not only does it serve as a foundation for higher education opportunities, but it also plays a crucial role in shaping one's future prospects. But what makes Matric hold such significance in South Africa? 19 Jun 2023 Read more

The right to freedom and personal security: What it means in terms of digital safety
It's not called Freedom Day for nothing. The freedoms that the majority of South Africa's citizens gained on 27 April 1994 were enormous and countless. They had never been experienced before, and in the space of a single day these once hypothetical concepts - of the right to vote, of freedom of assembly - became real and tangible and infused with meaning. 5 May 2023 Read more

Why qualifications matter in today's job market
In today's job market, qualifications are more important than ever before. With so much competition for every job opening, having a qualification on your resume can be the difference between getting the job and being passed over. But what exactly is a qualification, and why is it so important? 5 Apr 2023 Read more

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