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Savanna breaks the rules with its world-first non-alcoholic cider

Savanna recently launched its non-alcoholic cider, Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon, targeting consumers who want to preserve their social image by partaking in more conscious consumption.
With the catchphrase, ‘break the rules, change your world’, the client decided to go the integrated campaign route in getting as many people as possible to experience life with no rules through a series of brand experiences, activities, partnerships and sponsorships.

The message is that when you drink alcohol, you’re confined by rules – social rules, law-enforced rules, even rules that you give yourself – and the ad challenges these depicting the most unlikely characters.

“We’re talking to a generation of South Africans who are tired of being told they can’t socialise on weeknights, who want to dictate their own fun, who want to find adventures in average situations, who want to bend the rules and shape their own world,” says Annette Grootboom, global brand development manager at Savanna.

Here, she goes to tell us more about the campaign.

BizcommunityWhat was the brief/key insight?

The ask to the agency was simple, to create a maverick breakthrough TTL campaign to successfully launch Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon in the South African market that showcases a quirky take on not drinking (sometimes).

The key insight driving this is: “Drinking alcohol makes me look cool and accepted in my social circles. A non-alcoholic drink just shows I'm comfortable and confident in my choices.”

#BizTrends2018: Conscious consumption

I'm not that big on food trends, to be honest. I find gimmicks and 'flavour of the month' offerings a very slippery slope. That said, I do think established chefs, producers and industry thought-leaders who have the ability to change with the times are critical for the industry.

By Andy Fenner 9 Jan 2018

BizcommunityHow did you come up with the idea?

The campaign idea was conceptualised by our agency partner 34˚. The TVC concept was developed off the main creative idea by our creative agency, FCB Cape Town. It was important for us to maintain the same creative platform for the Savanna motherbrand whilst introducing a new variant, staying true to the quirky, smart comedic storytelling that the brand is known and loved for.

BizcommunityWhat do you think makes this campaign, in particular, stand out?

The alcohol category is governed by rules, rules that are enforced by law and social rules that are self-imposed. This campaign is encouraging consumers to break those rules and try something different and be unapologetically themselves in every situation.

BizcommunityWhat was the objective?

To drive awareness of the new variant through breakthrough brand experiences and trial of the new variant through tasting activations.

BizcommunityWhat has the response to the product been so far?

The response has been positive from the consumer and our trading customers in terms of the taste and appeal. The product still delivers on the crisp, dry intrinsic Savanna Premium Cider is known for, which has met consumers’ expectations. Based on the responses we’ve received on our social media platforms, this non-alcoholic alternative was long overdue.

BizcommunityWhat’s next?

We are planning national tasting drives in liquor outlets, bars and restaurants. We have also earmarked sponsorships and partnerships with brands and business that will break the convention of the availability of alcoholic brands.

Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon: Break the rules, change your world

Savanna has always been the maverick of the South African cider market. It's challenged the category norms with innovations like Savanna Loco - cider infused with Tequila flavour - and the rum-flavoured Savanna Blackbeard...

Issued by ByDesign Communications 24 May 2019

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