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Government should explain rationale behind new Covid-19 regulations - public health experts

Public Health experts have called on the government to explain the intent behind, and reasons for, a new set of Covid-19 regulations issued and gazetted earlier this month.
Source: Pexels

The regulations include measures that will allow for the forced isolation of symptomatic patients who refuse treatment and admission at a health facility, including a provision that they can be held for 48 hours at such a facility before a warrant is obtained to extend their isolation period.

The regulations contain a new form that can be used by magistrates to order people into isolation, and which include an order allowing for the taking of samples from the person’s body. Doctors, nurses, people that have been delegated by doctors to do so and the police will be able to order someone to isolate. Asymptomatic people who have tested positive for Covid-19 will no longer be required to isolate themselves.

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