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Local NGO releases ebook highlighting Covid-19 stories of hope

Local NGO Activate! Change Drivers has published an ebook, The Activate! Network responds to Covid-19 - We are who we've been waiting for, showcasing the stories of how the South African youth have stepped up during the Covid-19 crisis to help their communities and create meaningful impact.
Local NGO releases ebook highlighting Covid-19 stories of hope

Activate communications manager Kim Barlow explains: “The book is a compilation of inspiring stories of individuals in the Activate network who, in spite of their own difficulties, chose to help their communities in various ways. The book documents the hope and resilience of a youth populace who want to change South Africa for the better - and who are willing to be that change."

She continues: “The book shows us that the youth of the Activate network are a constructive force in society; they want to be part of the solution; they are willing and able to come up with unique ways to address problems without waiting on government to solve them because they’ve come to the realisation that you have to be the change you want to see in the world. This mindset is what is needed to change the trajectory of the country.”

Leadership skills

Supported by Activate learnership programmes imparting skills linked to leadership skills, problem-solving and critical thinking, the youth, says Barlow, were able to lead their communities from hard lockdown under Level 5 to Level 1.

“They had the leadership skills and the wherewithal to quickly come up with solutions to the problems many of our communities faced under lockdown: when children could no longer attend school, they started WhatsApp reading clubs and WhatsApp tutoring sessions; when old people did not understand what the implications of the virus were, they started a campaign to inform them; when people lost their jobs and could no longer afford to feed their families, they started soup kitchens, food drives and blanket drives to share what little they have with others; and when government announced the R350 grant, they assisted communities with completing the application forms,” explains Barlow.

“The world needs to know about this group of young people who are slowly changing the narrative on youth in South Africa. These are the leaders of tomorrow who are cultivating a character of action toward uplifting communities and changing mindsets. These are the people who are going to save South Africa, and these are the role models that little boys and girls need. We hope the book will also encourage investment of either time or money to these Activator initiatives – from government, the private sector or individuals,” adds Barlow.

Download the free ebook here.

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