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Need to tighten social media rules within companies

With the resignation of Chris Hart, senior economist at Standard Bank this week, there has been an increase in enquiries from business owners, seeking stricter social media policies.
“We’ve experienced an increase in business owners and large corporates enquiring about how to rein in their employees’ social media activity in an attempt to mitigate the effects it might have on their brand,” explains Rudi Massyn, creative director at Massyn Media.

“The increase in interest for social media policy guidelines has increased by over 130% during this quarter in comparison to the same time last year. This has undoubtedly had knock on effects on businesses, as their social media marketing budgets are being reduced in fear of over exposure. Businesses have also tightened up on who their administrators are, in order to ensure more control over the process. However, this is not the answer.

“The digital age has presented businesses with the opportunity to streamline their marketing efforts and build targeted campaigns aimed at specific demographics and also create a space where they can engage with their clients in a more personal and effective way. However, the boundless limitations of social media platforms have also opened the doors for many users to share personal feelings, which are at times distasteful and damaging. This can have a long lasting effect on your businesses’ brand.

“The company develops client-specific social media policies, as each business has its own unique requirements. These policies not only govern employees’ social media activity during working hours but also go beyond, as many social media users identify their workplace on their profiles thus linking their employer to their personal opinions.

“It is important to utilise social media as a marketing tool, we’ve seen the results and they have an immediate and definite effect on your business, however it is imperative you consult with social media specialists to ensure your brand is protected,” concludes Massyn.
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