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Gaming with the Logitech G733

Logitech has put out some great gaming headsets over the years, and they have come back at it with the G733.
Image supplied
Image supplied

I’ve not had the privilege of using a wireless headset during my time as a gamer, and I must say, the G733 has made me reconsider my purchase choices for the future. There’s not much that’s nicer than quickly running to the kitchen to grab the drink I forgot on the counter without accidentally dragging my whole PC and peripherals with me.

Everything about how the G733 looks just screams ‘this is for gamers’. Its sharp design has LED lighstrips that you can customise to be your RGB dream. The mesh cups and clashing headband strap also makes for a comfortable fit. Although it might look a bit gaudy, there’s nothing wrong with a colourful addition to your setup - especially since it’s compatible with PC and consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

The headset connects with a USB RF dongle which lends to an easy plug and play setup.

The headset also supports the Logitech G Hub (which you don’t need to install for basic functions, but it’s probably a good idea).

Playing the game

The first game I tried the headset out with was Apex Legends, a popular online battle royale. Honestly, when I entered the game, the first thing I said to my friends was something to the effect of ‘I can hear colours and see sounds’.

With DTS:X 2.0 virtual 7.1 surround sound, the G733 really offered me things I hadn’t had ( heard) before in the games I play regularly. Especially with games like Apex Legends and Overwatch, where sound ques are essential, it was a game (huh) changer.

In terms of the detachable microphone, it’s not anything with wow factor. However, if you are playing on PC, you can adjust the settings on the G Hub quite nicely to make sure you don’t get the bass and midrange dropoff you’d find at about 500Hz otherwise.

Should you buy the G733?

If you’re looking for a solid, very gamey-looking, wireless headset with great battery life, then this would be a good purchase for you. Despite the little tweaks needed, overall, it offered a fantastic gaming experience.

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