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Liberty Symposium: Unpacking purpose-driven leadership in the corporate landscape today

As businesses navigate the complexities of the post-pandemic world, the concept of purpose-driven leadership has gained significant traction, making it more than just a buzzword.
Source: Supplied. Lindi Monyae, head of Liberty Corporate.
Source: Supplied. Lindi Monyae, head of Liberty Corporate.

Yet, this phrase embodies different meanings across industries, hierarchies, and geographies. For some, it's about aligning personal and company goals, while for others, it's a quest for meaning, fulfilment, and genuine impact.

This multifaceted idea: its nuances and implications for the modern workforce, will form the crux of Liberty’s second-annual Leading-Edge Symposium which kicks off at Sandton today.

The Liberty Leading Edge Symposium curated in partnership with Standard Bank – will provide a platform for renowned industry leaders to share their unique perspectives on the role of purpose in today's corporate landscape.

"The demand for purposeful leadership has never been more paramount. In an age where employees, especially the younger generation, are seeking more than just financial compensation, understanding, and harnessing the power of 'purpose' is integral. It's not merely about business growth; it's about shaping a holistic business ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders,” said Lindi Monyae, head of Liberty corporate benefits.

Hosted by the renowned broadcast and financial journalist, Alishia Seckam, the symposium will feature an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, guest contributors, business owners, HR professionals, and technical experts – who together will share insights on how purposeful leadership, innovation, and viewing human capital as an invaluable asset can drive businesses forward.

Liberty's vision for business transformation

This year's theme, "Leading with purpose” requires everyone to embrace purpose as the foundation of leadership. It encapsulates the current ethos of the business landscape. It’s not just about making profits and reaching margins, but rather about pursuing the entrepreneur’s dream; partnering with employees, and about building collaboratively on their businesses and implementing innovative solutions.

Solidifying this theme is Liberty's collaboration with Standard Bank Business and Commercial Banking. Standard Bank brings with it a wealth of expertise and insight to the table, ensuring attendees have access to unparalleled financial acumen and a holistic view of the current business landscape.

“As we delve deeper into the realms of purposeful leadership, our objective remains clear: to provide actionable insights that go beyond traditional thinking. With Liberty Corporate Benefits, it's not just about offering employee benefits solutions– it's about understanding the evolving needs of businesses and their employees by demonstrating that when it comes to navigating the future of employee well-being and growth, we truly are in it with our customers,” emphasises Monyae.

Liberty has long advocated for comprehensive employee benefits solutions that underpin the human-capital development programmes of its employer-customers. Last year’s symposium unpacked how small businesses can unlock the value of comprehensive employee benefits solutions without alienating their most important asset – their skilled and experienced employees.

Those keen to be a part of this groundbreaking event can find the details here.

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