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Adclick Africa helps South African SMEs comply with the PoPI Act before deadline

As we head into the year, the one date businesses and marketers need to keep top-of-mind is the deadline for the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI Act or PoPIA).

What is PoPIA? 

The PoPI Act regulates how organisations handle personal information, whether it is for individuals or other businesses. This information ranges from ID numbers, to credit card details that you may take for payments and employment history.

That is why Adclick Africa have compiled a simple, easy -to-use PoPIA Compliance Guide to help SMEs and marketers unpack what they need to put in place to comply. It has quick checklists, making your journey to PoPIA compliance a seamless one.

How PoPIA affects your digital marketing

If you request any of these details from your potential customers, you need the PoPIA Compliance Guide as some aspects of the law may pertain to you as an SME owner or marketer: gender, age, language, email address, phone or mobile number, physical address, location, personal opinions, views or personal preferences.

“Our guide will help you understand the urgency of complying with PoPIA and will guide the audit process of your business operations in relation to digital marketing and online communication.” Says Adclick Africa’s CEO and founder, Velly Bosega.

In Adclick Africa’s PoPIA Compliance Guide you’ll discover:
  • Unpacking PoPIA for SMEs
  • 8 Steps to take towards compliance
  • Checklists on how to collect and store personal information for your marketing efforts
  • Email marketing, WhatsApp and mobile marketing compliance checklist

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed.

By complying with PoPIA, SMEs can build more trust with your employees, customers and subscribers. Give them the peace-of-mind that their data is safe. With SMEs having to rapidly adopt technology during this pandemic, your customers also changed their buying behaviour. Now more than ever, they are demanding greater transparency from your businesses. Use this transparency to audit your database toward having more engaged subscribers with a genuine interest in receiving updates and news from your company.

You only have until 1 July 2021 to comply. The time for you to take action is now!

Adclick Africa strives to help businesses implement and send compliant, effective marketing communication. Armed with the right paid media expertise and experience, their team manages different buying platforms, using each for its differentiated audience and inventory. From Email Marketing to Paid Media, Adclick Africa assists SME clients in collecting and processing data correctly to ensure they meet the compliance requirements of PoPIA.

Adclick Africa, a digital performance marketing agency, can amplify your digital marketing in 2021!

356 Oak Holdings
356 Oak Holdings is a performance-driven digital media and marketing holding company representing both Adclick Africa, a digital marketing agency, and SME South Africa, an online business content and news publisher.

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