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Lockdowns shut many doors, but opportunity is now knocking

It began just over a year ago - it was chaotic and totally unexpected. It took us all a little bit of time to adapt, to overcome the initial shock and start to work a new path. At Worx Group, we quickly adjusted our in-person live events strategy to focus on digital and virtual offerings and along with some of our trusted technical partners - the journey into the new age of events began.
Lockdowns shut many doors, but opportunity is now knocking

By now, the world has become used to experiencing life through a screen, be it work, play, learning or selling; Covid - 19 has hugely accelerated the acceptance of virtual into our lives. Work has changed, possibly forever, being in the ‘office’ has a completely new meaning; and managing, communicating with, and operating your team as a leader has required a new view on process. Challenges have always brought opportunities though and 2020 was no different. It took everyone time to find their feet, but wow has presented our industry some great opportunities.

Green screen technology brought with it - new worlds, new stage sets, new ways to present content and new ways to connect globally. Keynote speakers, MCs, artists and talent have found ways to connect to audiences through the camera lens and once again we all found our groove. Suddenly it felt less like work and more like art again.

The vaccine roll-out, gradually increasing attendee numbers and people’s willingness to re-join the world of in-person events will start to take us back into the realm of what we’re all a bit more used to. The question though is: How we blend what we’ve learnt and gained from virtual and change our world forever?

The change has happened, don’t believe for a second that virtual will go away once we’re able to gather again – it is here to stay and it’s bringing us an opportunity to improve the event experience for all.

For corporates – everyone can attend now – some in-person, a lot via virtual, some as it happens, some when it suits them. Experiences can be crafted for the live audience, the digital audience and the post-event consumer. Content can be repurposed, edited and delivered for multiple consumer groups. It means rethinking budget, design and delivery but the opportunities that come with it – huge!

For creative partners and service providers – the opportunity to rethink our offerings, to rebuild our businesses into the future and the amazing creative solutions we can bring to life. To create new ways to bring people together.

Out of the ashes of lockdowns we’re being given a rare opportunity to shift our own world. To create from scratch something that will change everything. I’m excited, our clients are too.

Take the leap into new opportunities.

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