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#BudgetSpeech2019: Fuel levies up, focus on improving non-toll roads

South African finance minister Tito Mboweni, during the 2019 Budget Speech, announced that there will be an increase to fuel levies and that the South African National Roads Agency is allocated an additional R3.5bn over the next three years to improve non-toll roads.
Source: @SAgovnews ©

Any changes to the fuel levies will be implemented along with any fuel price adjustments on 3 April, the first Wednesday of April 2019. The increase on fuel levies are as follows:
  • Petrol: 29c per litre
  • Diesel: 30c per litre
The minister noted that in order to stabilise fuel prices, the Road Accident Fund (Raf) would have to resubmit its Benefits Scheme Bill.

With that being said, the finance minister also stated that there will be a focus on improving non-toll roads.
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